How is Affiliate Marketing Software Beneficial?

What is meant by Affiliate Tracking?

It is the process of managing marketing activities through a special software and by different plugins installed in various websites.

Affiliate tracking is used by numerous businesses that own affiliate networks in order to manage its affiliates and gain insight into the performance of each affiliate and the network as a whole.

Depending on your business goals, affiliate marketing software is different than the next. Buying the wrong type for your business may make you lose you a large amount of money in sales and promotion.

Affiliate Marketing Software has many significant uses such as- tracking affiliates, their links, and their commissions. They manage the processes of signup and login for potential and current affiliates & deliver their customized links to start using to promote your business for their commissions.

The systems are actually the heart of any affiliate program, & without finding a way to track commissions for specific affiliates and their links, no affiliate program can exist.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software helps you to understand that if any of the affiliates have used illegal or unethical means to promote your link. So here you really need to be careful, as any illegal means employed by your affiliate can lead to a serious trouble.


Among the various affliate marketing software in the world, the Silk Route, by Alphainfolab is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Softwares which can definitely give you satisfying results.


There are various models which are been used as a core of the Affiliate Tracking Platform, are listed as follows:

  1. CPC (Cost per click)
  2. CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  3. CPM (Cost per impression)
  4. CPS (Cost per sale)
  5. CPI (Cost per install)


Get to know in brief, the perplexing features of Affiliate Tracking Software:

  1. Helps in tracking GEO, Browser, ISP, OS, Device, IP etc.
  2. Tracking Affiliate: It helps in identifying volume and effectiveness.
  3. Fraud Detection: It has a feature of powerful anti-fraud mechanisms that provide assurances, that their affiliate programs do not come under fraudulent activities. They make sure to protect your investment and keep the details confidential.
  4. Tracking Time and Location: It helps in tracking location & time of impression, leads( live tracking of every lead), click, and sale. Which is usually gathered from with or without using cookies.
  5. Generating Tracking Codes: They help in keeping a track of all the clicks and leads which requires a unique URL that contains affiliate id and the campaign number. It is then passed to the advertiser’s site & then associated with a user cookie to identify landing page, visit date, expire date, user identification and related sales closing information. These tracking URLs are also called as tracking codes.

Major Benefits of Using Best Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketing:

  1. In-Depth Reporting:

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software gives you accurate statistical data in accordance with the performance of your affiliate program. It views total sales that are earned from the affiliate referrals or your referral-to-customer conversion rate. Further, it assesses the performance of your every banner and gathers intelligent information to help you create even more effective ads.

Well, it also helps you to obtain absolute detailed information about various areas such as; sales, registration etc.

  1. Accounting Management: As Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketers can help you in many other ways, it helps you to keep a check over accounting management as well. It allows you to use an unlimited number of affiliates to let you promote your business or product. It manages the accounting hassles including expenses, income, sales, and the payments due.
  1. More Website Traffic: As it is already known, that Affiliate Marketing depends on the exposure that your business gets online. So helps you and gives you a chance to get a large amount of exposure and hence helps you in increasing your profits.


  1. Full Payment Details: It provides you with the complete payment details for these services so that you will no longer have to calculate your expenses manually. It is, however, important to purchase this software if you are willing to actually ensure that you want the best value for your money.

Tips to Choose Best Affiliate Marketing Software:

  1. The Affiliate Marketing Software Company must be reputable.
  2. A good customer support is a key factor which should a priority to them by providing 24/7 support.
  3. Never choose or target small internet marketing software companies as they may not result in providing you the best services.
  4. Ask the company which you choose, if you can create your own reports with their software.
  5. Explore amid several companies and compare different features.

E-mail Marketing: An apt solution to enhance your business

Email is a source that almost everybody utilizes today, and it keeps on developing and be more pervasive in the lives of individuals around the globe. A large number of the best marketers from probably the most productive organizations over the world trust email is the primary channel for developing businesses.

Marketers who are great at email marketing can interface with their clients in a very focused way. As a marketer, you might have numerous channels accessible to contact your audience, however, with constrained time and assets, you have to organize your endeavors. Email Marketing is by a long shot the best channel to pull in, draw in & interface with an audience to drive deals and income for your business.

As it’s known that email marketing is fancier around the world, it is one of the most trusted sources for promotion through social media and various other ways which can be done with great ease.
Email marketing can be a sort of precarious business because almost nothing is straightforward. Regardless of what service you use to send your email, it’s inevitable that some of it will wind up in a spam folder. It’s past any email marketing service’s control to stay away from spam folder’s the majority of the time because of how these filters function. On the off chance that there was an approach to evade them 100% of the time, they wouldn’t be extremely successful by any stretch of the imagination! Spam filters are generally unique and are regularly characterized to a great extent by user interaction.

How it’s done?

This article is a complete help which will lead you to the depth of email marketing and result in a beneficial way so that you can run email marketing campaigns.
Usually, the purpose of email marketing is to get the client to visit the business’ website when the said email has been read. This is the reason it is important to the point that emails are intriguing and enrapturing, as your clients should be propelled to navigate to your website from that point.
On your website, many email marketers have a shape for new clients to the website to join to the mailing list keeping in mind the end goal to get pamphlets with respect to the item or business, convenient tips on the best way to utilize a business or notices of any occasions that emerge later on.

Why it’s chosen?
There are numerous reasons why email marketing is chosen as a source of promotion for products or services. Few among the numerous reasons are; due to the Cost as it is cheap, Scalable, has a flexible design, easy to operate, shareable, measurable, less intrusive, real-time marketing.

What email marketing services can do?

The email marketing services monitor the reputation of their IPs to ensure that a bad IP reputation doesn’t affect your deliverability. There are also some tweaks that can be made to how the email is sent, what is in the header and footer etc. that can play into deliverability as well. At AlphaSandesh which is one of the services at Alphainfolab, where we’ve been helping clients deal with all of these issues since 2009. If your current service isn’t working for you, we’d be happy to discuss possible solutions with you.

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Garuda: This Intelligent Mailer web-based interface is an extremely robust application in itself. We have included many features that allow you to import and manage your lists, create text and/or robust HTML emails, schedule broadcast campaigns, set up autoresponder sequences, view activity reports, manage incoming mail, and much more.

Silk Route: Silk Route is widely considered the world’s leading affiliate marketing and affiliate software tracking platform—powering the largest and most reputable affiliate networks and in-house AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. We have been providing businesses with the robust tools and unmatched industry expertise needed to drive advertising revenue, operational efficiency and online distribution and brand visibility.

Chittragupta: An intelligent and highly advanced Billing Software, designed in such a way to reduce your work load and save your time. With Chittragupta you can manage your client/ clients and can monitor their activity. It also has many options for manager or admin user to communicate with its customer.

Magnet: Magnet offers a stable coupon distribution platform for media and marketing companies. We have carefully designed each feature of MAGNET to make it easy to use, quick, scalable and up to the latest standards. The result is a truly unique CMS which is incredibly fun to use yet full of potential to create the next big Coupon website with. MAGNET is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly coupon code theme for WordPress that makes setting up your own coupon code website easy.

We are ecstatic and hopeful to bring the best of the internet and affiliate marketing for you. The company has successfully designed and delivered business values to global corporations across various industries such as Chemicals, Information & Technology, Digital Media, E-commerce, Education and Apparels manufacturing.

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Feature Enrich Enterprise Email Marketing Software Garuda – The Intelligent Mailer

Are you an email marketer? Need software, tool or any application that enables you to create, send bulk emails and provides tools for accurate tracking and monitoring your bulk email campaigns? So you will be able to analyze and can achieve your marketing goals from your email marketing efforts. Garuda Enterprise Email marketing Software enables us to track email marketing campaigns, these email marketing campaigns can be the small scale promotion of large email marketing campaigns. Enterprise email marketing software Garuda is the answer to all the questions.

Enterprise Email Marketing Software

Here Are Some Features of Enterprise Email Marketing Software Garuda

1. Management of Contact List

This feature of Garuda allows user to manage list of contact lists. This management of contact list assures high return on investment.

2. Segmentation Of Contact List

This Feature allows users to target contact on the basis of associated data with each contact id. Which helps in creating personalized email message improves the higher open rate, CTR and Conversion rate.

3. Triggers

Triggers allow delivering of emails to a targeted audience at the appropriate time for optimizing the conversion.

4. Intelligent Bounce Processor

Garuda provides intelligent bounce processing processor which supports traditional bounce codes as well as our own extending bounce process code.

5. Intelligent Feedback Loop (FBL) Processor

As Email service providers are updating them every day, Our Intelligent Feedback Loop (FBL) Processor process according to updates and if it gets fail it will inform to user.

6. Selection of SMTP

If an SMTP gets more bounce or FBL from any domain, this software will leave that domain and will make sure that the email marketing campaign will still go on.

7. Advanced Link Manager

Our advance link manager feature provides detailed stats for links, like number of link clicks including visitor details like browser, country, Operating System, time, date etc.

8. Self Cleaning

A self cleaning feature of Garuda removes unwanted, useless and duplicated databases.

9. Real Time Reporting

Garuda provides real time statistics which allow us to measure the success rate of email marketing campaigns.

10. Domain Blocking/Throttling

Garuda allows mentioning blocking and throttling for particular SMTP of domains.

And there are so many features like Domain Management, Auto Responder, features for handling multiple SMTP accounts which make Garuda best email marketing software.

People can download a free version of Garuda at below given link

Free Email Blast Software