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Self-Managed VPS Hosting

Get the power and flexibility you need with dedicated virtual private servers.


Control, Flexibility and Power

VPS hosting can be explained as the evolution of shared server hosting to dedicated server hosting. Our dedicated virtual private servers come equipped with best-in-class Intel Xeon processor and SSDs with blazing fast read/write speeds. Plus, You get full root access with SSH keys for total control giving you complete freedom and flexibility.

All Alpha Infolab VPS Hosting Plans include:

Performance Hardware

Get state-of-the-art performance with top-of-the-line Intel Xeon processors and SSD storage options.

Dedicated Resources

All of our VPS hosting plans are dedicated - meaning you enjoy dedicated bandwidth, memory, CPU power and storage.

SSH root access

You get full root access with SSH for easy virtual server management and VPS configuration.

IPv6 Support

Alpha Infolab's data centers fully support IPv6. IPv6 comes with perks including faster connectivity, higher email deliverability, and much more.

Free SSL Certificate

Enable encrypted connections on your website with a free SSL certificate.

Free Site Migration

Moving a website is a laborious process. If you wish, our technical team will move your website to our servers free of charge.

Free Weekly Backup

Your websites are backed up on a weekly basis, free of charge, in case of any problems.

99.9% server uptime

We guarantee 99.9% uptime for critical infrastructure components (excluding scheduled maintenance) or we will provide you with a credit for the impacted services.

Plans and Pricing

Plan RAM vCPU SSD Bandwidth Linux / Windows
VPS.2GB 2GB 1 50GB 3 TB $8/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.4GB 4GB 2 80GB 5 TB $17/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.8GB 8GB 4 160GB 6 TB $34/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.16GB 16GB 8 320GB 7 TB $68/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.32GB 32GB 16 640GB 8 TB $136/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.48GB 48GB 24 960GB 9 TB $204/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.64GB 64GB 32 1280GB 10 TB $272/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows
VPS.96GB 96GB 40 1920GB 11 TB $408/mo
Order Linux
Order Windows

Frequently asked
questions (FAQ) about VPS Hosting

If you have advanced server management skills and an understanding of Linux, then unmanaged or self-managed VPS hosting is for you. For example, web developers, system administrators, etc. Whereas, if you do not have the skills to manage a server and require an expert to do that for you, then managed VPS hosting is ideal for you.

With VPS Hosting, by default, you get 1 dedicated IP address. However, you can contact us if you would like to get additional IP addresses or prefixes.

An unmanaged VPS Hosting gives you full root access, uninterrupted uptime, faster load times, can handle unlimited traffic, the setup is free, cost-effective, timely backups, and flexible to scale up your business.

You can choose between a Linux-based OS and Windows for your server with VPS Hosting.