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At Alpha Infolab, we offer a diverse range of services. Explore our core offerings below.

IPv4 Solutions

As a leading IPv4 broker and transfer facilitator, we help organizations in buying, selling, and leasing IP addresses.

As of 2023, has facilitated over 2500 transfers, adding up to 10MM+ IP addresses with over $300MM in value.

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Email Marketing Consultancy

We consult B2B businesses on setting up their cold email infrastructure, acquiring and validating lead data, writing compelling email copy, and ensuring emails reach their target audience's inboxes, all so they can book more meetings and subsequently close more clients.

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Our background

In 2013, we set out to improve cold email marketing for B2C businesses, leading to the creation of Alpha Sandesh. This platform simplified creating and sending high-volume email campaigns with reliable deliverability, supported by a strong infrastructure of servers, IPs, and domains.

Identifying limitations of existing email automation tools, we developed Garuda, which seamlessly integrated with Alpha Sandesh and helped us deliver outstanding campaign results.

Further improving our toolkit, we launched MailVerifier, an email verification tool to help improve email delivery rates by removing invalid addresses from email lists. Today, MailVerifier has 5000+ users and processes 1M+ email verifications daily.

About Us

Founded in 2009, Alpha Infolab has been at the forefront of digital innovations, serving clients across the globe with tailored solutions. Our commitment to excellence and innovation drives us to deliver best-in-class services in every project we undertake.

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