About Alpha Infolab

Alpha Infolab is a multinational company specializing in IT solutions and digital services. Operating in over 70 countries, we focus on delivering innovative technology solutions to meet our clients' diverse needs.

IPv4 Brokerage, our specialized IPv4 brokerage division, has successfully completed over 2500 transfers, managing more than 10 million IP addresses and generating over $300 million for our clients.

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digital online marketing

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing

Alpha Sandesh has helped major players in the iGaming industry drive over $10MM in business revenue through targeted email campaigns. Our strategic approach maximizes engagement and conversion rates, leveraging industry insights and innovative marketing techniques.

Affiliate Marketing helps boost sales for renowned retailers globally, generating more than $1 million in monthly revenue. CouponNDeal excels in converting high traffic into significant sales, ensuring market expansion and retailer satisfaction.

Meet the Leadership

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Dr.Ajay Goyal

President and M.D.

Dr. Ajay Goyal, PhD (Digital Marketing), is the founder of Alpha Infolab. Mr. Goyal oversees strategy development, financial management, and company representation at global events.

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Dewang Goyal

Director and CTO

Dewang Goyal is responsible for daily operational oversight, spearheading the development of new products and services, and guiding the company's marketing strategy.

Our Commitment

At Alpha Infolab, we are dedicated to client satisfaction, building strong partnerships based on integrity, and using proven approaches combined with the latest technology to support business objectives.

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Industry expertise

Leverage our years of experience and deep industry knowledge.

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Innovative approach

Benefit from our forward-thinking solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

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Experience tailored solutions designed to meet your unique needs.

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Global reach

Join our expansive network of satisfied clients from various sectors worldwide.