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Bulk Email Provider

Well, when you think of starting your own business you think of its necessities and results as well. One of them is email marketing. Alpha Sandesh is a Bulk Email Service Provider that offers a simple to-utilize, moderate and dependable email marketing services intended to enable a business to benefit as much as possible from their time and cash. We center around developing and delivering rich specialized answers to meet the correspondence needs of our regarded clients.

Bulk Email Marketing Services are extremely compelling and the best marketing and publicizing exertion choices for entrepreneurs wherever all across the world. It is based around utilizing good and true blue strategies for connecting with an enormous market and should not to be mixed up for SPAM. Moreover, with other marketing and publicizing methodologies, the accomplishment of bulk email marketing will depend upon the frameworks that are used as a piece of the campaign. In the midst of many Email Marketing Companies In India, it is a standout among the most gigantic points of interest that bulk email crusades offer is the ability to pre-pitch to your concentrated on advertising. This kind of marketing gives the entrepreneur the chance to develop trust with their visitors already they ever have the chance to coordinate with the entrepreneur and their business. Exactly when grown suitably, bulk email messages can ensure those on the email records that you are guaranteed in needing to give noteworthy things and administrations to these individuals and moreover to empower them to find whatever they are searching for.

Alpha Sandesh Email Marketing causes you to center around your business without the cost and unpredictability of owning and maintaining an email infrastructure. It helps to Save time, Resources, also Increase your business sales revenue.

Alpha Sandesh offers an effectively reasonable and dependable email marketing services as it is thought to be a Best Email Marketing Software which is intended to enable a business to benefit as much as possible from their time and cash. We center around developing and delivering exquisite specialized answers to meet the communications needs of our regarded clients. We put stock in the esteem and flexibility that accompanies email marketing and stand behind a few center principles of email marketing for our company, product, and service. And we also have faith in working with energy.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

AlphaVBox is a venture of Alpha InfoLab.> We are focused on providing a leading Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. We have experienced exponential growth and are a global company servicing a large number of clients. VBox is an employee-owned company. The extent to which our employees earn stock options in the company directly relates to their performance for our clients. We hire passionate professionals who take a personal interest in and are personally invested in your success.

Virtual private server (VPS) is a term used by internet hosting services to refer to a virtual machine. The term is used for emphasizing that the virtual machine, although running in software on the same physical computer as other customers' virtual machines, is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer, is dedicated to the individual customer's needs. Virtual private servers bridge the gap between shared web hosting services and dedicated hosting services, giving independence from other customers of the VPS hosting service in software terms but at less cost than a physical dedicated server.

Online Marketing services

Brahma : We create – in line – with ‘The Creator’

Bulk Email Service Provider

Web Design

We know what separates designs formats. These designs are meant to be responsive in nature.

You might deal with numerous issues when you come up with your own website on the internet. For instance, as we are Web Design And Development Company, we render professional web design services and solutions around the globe for the private and public sector, from newly started businesses to multinational corporations. We believe to provide you complete convenience so that you derive complete satisfaction.

Having specialization in Web Application Software Development we assure, that you develop such a website that grasps peoples’ attention from the very initial point. When we add our knowledge in web designing through new technology and tools, you will obtain a great demonstration of your services or products, which will be one of the most searched web pages on the Internet. With your search engine friendly website, you will be capable of using your own web site's control panel without difficulty. Just give us a chance to know what you need. We assure you to deliver the best website that will be developed according to W3C and XHTML standards.

Responsive Web Design

It is a concept of setting-up and coding a website such that the website gives the best viewing experience, easiness of reading and navigation with the smallest amount of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a broad variety of devices (from desktop computers to mobile devices).

As the number of gadgets, platforms, and web browsers that need to work with your website is growing continuously, the responsive web design shows an elemental shift in how would we create websites for the decades to come.

Recent research shows that about 40% of searches are from a mobile app and approximately 10% of all web searches are from mobile. It is presumed that very soon a large number of people will access the internet using mobile in comparison to the number of individuals accessing through desktop or laptops.

Overall, responsive design makes your website act in response to the web environment. No matter what screen resolution you are seeing the website, responsive design will automatically adapt itself to different screens. This removes the need of having an unusual design and development stage for every new device or gadget in the market.

Therefore, responsive design provides you with only one website for all screen types. If you are in search of an expert, responsive website designer and developer for your website contact us immediately.

Website Redesign

As the time passes bit by bit, the concepts and looks of the website become old when compared to different sites. So, in place of developing a new website, you can create the similar response and viewers to your website with a simple and effective website redesign. A website redesign is just as significant as designing a website itself. From time to time, you have to change your website’s information so that it can contend with other websites. Therefore, a website redesign confirms to be an essential factor.

At Alpha InfoLab, during website redesigning, we ensure that your site appears more attractive to visitors with a persuasive design. We make use of fascinating and appropriate graphics, images, characters and colors in the website to make it as persuasive to the eyes of the viewer as possible.

In website redesign, we take account of all the aspects that you would like to contain in the unique web design. We also make sure that your homepage has all the essential information that will persuade the viewer to go through some more pages of your website. We consider your original web design to find out the faults and difficulties a visitor faced to access the other pages of your website. This will provide us with ideas to use in your website redesigning process.

Just contact us now for getting a free quote on the website redesign.

Social Media Design

Social media is a place where people and organizations connect socially and communicate with each other. There are different social networking websites like Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more, which have lots of matter based on the involvement of its users. The social media allows its users to make, share, comment and different actions among their groups or network.

The social media design is a type of design that completely reveals the idea through which the organization can connect with its viewers. When designing a social media page, a page designer should always have a clear idea behind the organization’s social media connections as it is the toughest part to get. The user must get attracted from the very first look what the organization is all about from the design of an effective social media page. The social media page must be created and designed with attributes that make it accessible, striking and simultaneously interactive.

Your social media page should have an appealing capability. It should connect the viewers in order to discover more about your company, i.e. what is latest, what is forthcoming and what’s more. It should be designed mostly with sufficient space for users to share their thoughts, perspectives and suggestions.

The social media page is generally referred as the best marketing tool. It helps you to connect with your present customers as well as assist you in finding out new customers.

For best social media designs contact us and we would be pleased to design it for you.

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is very essential for any company’s reputation. Actually, it delivers the methods and procedures, thoughts and aspects that any organization realizes. It spreads light on a company’s philosophy. It depicts the guidelines any organization follows. It proclaims the work culture you develop. It differentiates a company from its opponents.

What do we provide in a Corporate Identity Package?

Company Logo

A company logo is a representation or an explicit mark, which a company uses for public acknowledgment. An attractive logo should include a well planned and significant graphic mark and company name for better acknowledgment.

Booklet Or Brochure

A brochure or booklet signifies your business in front of a lot of people. Thus, it should be designed efficiently in order to deliver the right message to its visitors. A brochure should convey a positive message to the people. It should merge the exact amount of text, colors and graphics with the proper layout to make it comprehensible to the people. It should be useful enough to catch the viewer’s interest.

Your brochure should be exquisitely informative. Your prospective customer is keen to know what you offer, how you can fulfill their requirements; your brochure should include all the required information related to these issues. All the significant information like the company profile, contact details, products and services should be evidently noticeable.

Visiting Card

A business card includes the business information about you and your organization. It acts as a small resume. They can be distributed to useful and important business connections during an official or casual conversation.


A Letterhead is a permissible certificate of your organization. It is used for business communication. A carefully designed letterhead makes the difference to any business offer. It represents the authenticity and distinction of the company.

Corporate Enclosure

A Corporate envelope or enclosure is a packaging article. The file of business communication is kept inside it. Your corporate enclosure creates the primary impression in any business offer in front of the client.

Flyers or Leaflets

A leaflet or flyer is a prevailing distribution material, which represents your business interest. It is delivered to the public in various public areas. Eating places, shopping stores, coffee shops, etc., are suitable public places for such kinds of things which are done mostly by hand. A well-created leaflet holds the significant information and the contact details of the company.


In the extras we provide Calendars, Stickers, Collateral, Invitations, Posters, CD tags, etc. Designing a corporate identity is Alpha InfoLab’s specialty. The Corporate identity designed by Alpha InfoLab delivers the clear message of the company.

For all your corporate identity requirements, feel free to contact us.

Bulk Email Service Provider

Web Development

With the beginning of the web generation, today Internet has facilitated us to use applications without the uncertainties of allocation and installation on prospective clients’ computers. We help your customers and vendors to accomplish the business with you, using personalized web application software development tools developed to fulfill the company needs. Our web application developers create powerful, secure and custom-built solutions using adjustable architectural blocks.

At Alpha InfoLab, by using Professional Web Design Services and the web development method brings your life to web existence. We work at the cutting edge of Internet technologies such as Drupal, Joomla, Word Press, etc. We cross check the strong point and security of each and every line of code for your self-possession.

Word Press Development

WordPress is a very robust and useful content management system. Primarily, it was used as a blog publishing program, which is set-up on the client’s Web server, but with the development in technology, it is not just a blog publishing program any longer, now it is used as a completely functional website development tool by various organizations.

We are specialized in

  • E-commerce Plug-in
  • WordPress Multiple Language Plug-in (WPML)
  • Events Organizer
  • Gravity Form
  • Hybrid Framework
  • Whiteboard Framework
  • Genesis Theme
  • Thesis Theme
  • Headway Theme

If you are searching for expert and outstanding WordPress website development, contact us immediately.


PrestaShop is an open-source e-commerce solution with a lot of features. You can use the basic system free of cost, but you will have to purchase templates, themes and modules if you want to make the most out of this system. The Prestashop website development offers a wide range of choices in item indices, which is beneficial from any other e-commerce solutions. Every type of business that is looking to grow fast will find the easy to use an option of PrestaShop to match perfectly with their requirements. This system of web development makes it simple to keep costs down and you would not need to spend as much time on setting up all the things. Prestashop simplifies the development of e-commerce websites.

Why Prestashop -

  • Product Management: In product management, it offers unlimited categories, products and attributes, comparison, stock management, cross-selling, customer product reviews, etc.
  • Store management: Custom store design with PrestaShop themes, customs invoice generation, multiple employees with personalized permissions, affiliate program, etc.
  • Checkout: It provides one page or multi-page checkout, guest checkout and saved shopping carts.
  • Payments: It gets integrated with any payment option through modules. It uses tax by country, payment gateway filtered by currency, states and counties.
  • Security: From the security point of view, it is PCI Compliant, support SSL, secure admin and Encryption.
  • Tracking & Reporting: By using it you can track visitors, orders and sales.

Our Services in Prestashop:

Basic e-commerce website creation

Incorporation of e-commerce & digital shopping cart

Plug-in development

Formulation of pre-made store & template designs

Creation of store, modules & components

Online store management

We have a team of developers and designers who are fully focussed on Prestashop development. Our dedicated team keeps a close vigil with the newest technology in order to give full support to clients. Our technical proficiency in website development lessens technical overheads of client’s website, thus in return, he/she obtain a productive advantage.

If you need professional and outstanding Prestashop development, contact us now.

E-Commerce Websites

The traditional markets are lagging in their sales numbers, but e-commerce is growing in terms of sales and overall perspective of the business. It is a good time for merchants to get their online store to accomplish something in a long run.

We offer a complete e-commerce solution from product catalog to product distribution, to simplify the routine tasks in any business. We create user-friendly and attractive e-commerce websites which accomplish several objectives like improved visibility of products in the store, costs, better user experience, and secure transactions etc.

Our highly skilled development team uses effective e-commerce development methods to fulfill the needs of different customers. Our dedicated team works with the enthusiasm to develop the e-commerce website successfully within the timeframe of the client.

We work on two platforms to serve your requirements properly


Prestashop is an open source e-commerce solution developed to serve the e-commerce needs of every size of business. It is easy to customize and incorporate. It is provided with various extensions to develop the functionality. Send a free quote or contact us, we are pleased to help!


After starting as a blogging platform, WordPress is now turned into a completely functional e-commerce platform. With the improvement in technology from a group of million developers, WordPress has turned up as a world’s emergent e-commerce platform with enormous pace. In order to create a WordPress e-commerce website, plugins are needed as per the functionality. These important plugins are Cart 66, Jigoshop and WooCommerce.

Open Cart

OpenCart is a turn-key ready "out of the box" shopping cart solution. You simply install, select your template, add products and you're ready to start accepting orders. It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in and we provide lifetime free support and free software updates.

If you are looking for a specialist WordPress e-commerce website developer, then contact us now. we are happy to help!

Micro Sites

A MicroSite is a single stand website or a limited web pages website; it has a different domain name than its parent website. It can be used to spread special information, services, and products. It can be used as a marketing tool. With the help, micro websites organizations can communicate with their potential customers in an effective manner.

Why ?

Microsites are very useful in mass email marketing campaigns, polls, and in affiliate marketing. As it helps in announcing about products, services in their consumers.

As we know the online competition is growing, and the organizations need different marketing tools to win the race. It started with an online presence and online reputation optimization; in this way, micro websites are one of the best tools to lead the race.

As we know major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing provide preferences to those websites who have a singularity. The search engines have a better view on websites with a single product review or definition than a website with the bunch of products. A website with a single subject line and definition provides better results on search engines.

Are you interested in micro websites? Kindly contact us, we will be happy to work for you.

Custom Web Application

Alpha InfoLab is an India based IT Company, specialized in providing custom and supreme web development services for business needs and processes all over the world.

If you have an idea for an application, we can make that application for the real world. The forthcoming victory of your business will depend on the quick reach to the information, from any geolocation, at any moment. By knowing the future requirements for the businesses we provide custom web application services and solutions to take full benefits of World Wide Web with the help of real-time access and processes web applications on your data.

From storekeeping to inventory management to human resource management, all these works and processes occur in every business every day, and it should. With the help of customized web applications, we can automate all the work and processes. In this way, if you are on tour and away from your workplace, you can continue with your work and operations just like you do when you sit on your desk at your workplace.

Contact with us today to discuss how a custom web application can save your time, money and expensive human resources

Digital Marketing

Alpha Infolab is an Internet Marketing Company that offers world-class SEO, SMO, PPC and Link building services to the customers across the globe. We have a strong and skilled team of internet marketing experts who understand client’s requirements and fulfill them on time with result oriented work. Our professionals in Search marketing helps our clients to gain the top position in the competition. We meet, manage and optimize and monitor your online web presence in search engine results.

A helpful digital marketing service provider mainly offers you following SEO services:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Affiliate and E-mail Marketing
  • Youtube Promotion

About Digital Marketing and Why You Should Hire Us?

Do you really know what is Digital Marketing and how Alpha Infolab (Digital Marketing Service Provider ) works? Marketing of products and services in a digital world has evolved. There was a time when business organizations give ads in leading newspapers, commercials during TV serials, billboards etc. But nowadays in the hub of the Internet, you have heard the term SEO and SMO for promotional activities so let me explain more about it.

It is the process that improves your website’s, blog or article position at the top in any search engine results like Google and Yahoo with targeted keywords which defined the nature of the business. Our SEO experts will provide you traffic along with these below-mentioned techniques:

On-Page SEO Technique

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Meta Tags
  • URL Optimization
  • Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4, etc.)
  • Keyword Density/Analysis
  • Image Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Webmaster & Analytic Setup
  • Blog creation
  • Page load testing
  • Sitemap creation
  • Redirections
  • Content Optimization
  • Web Design/ Site Audit
  • Robots/Crawler

Off-Page SEO Technique

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Local Listings
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Blogging
  • Free Classified Ads
  • Forum Marketing and Commenting
  • Press Releases Submission
  • RSS Submissions
  • Photo & Video Sharing
  • Answering / Queries
  • E-Book Submissions
  • Social Networking profile creation

Why should you choose Digital Marketing services by us?

So, the answer is simple, we are highly experienced and oldest Digital Marketing Services Agency in the industry. We have excellent feedback from our customer worldwide. We are also here to provide you whole report like Site report, Analytics Report, Keyword research report, On-Off page SEO report, Rank report etc. in an easy way.

So, fill our contact form and assign your business work to us and be relax. It’s just not our words, it’s our commitment and promises to you.

Click Cabin

Are you looking forward to promoting your product, service or business? Click Cabin says “your success means our success”

Click Cabin provides Online Affiliate Marketing Services which means we act as an intermediary between advertisers and Publishers, endeavoring to make a lucrative arrangement for both the gatherings. Click Cabin the main CPA, CPC, CPM affiliate network will work dedicatedly to produce constant revenues of advertisers and publishers by driving a lot of valuable traffic. Click Cabin Affiliate Network's administrations will empower you to encounter an astounding brand introduction and a wonderful increment in targeted traffic.

We totally center around conveying solid outcomes by obliging the requirements of advertisers and publishers to live up to their desires. We guarantee advertisers that their ads are delivered to a targeted gathering of people and publishers to expand their span and procuring the outstanding benefit and surmounting their CPA, CPC, CPM network to the coveted level by our inventive approach.

You can completely trust our Online Affiliate Marketing Programs. We are resolved to amuse our customers with outstanding aptitude and perfect administration that is unequaled in the whole market.

Money N Market

Money & Market is an innovative internet marketing company in India with a sole initiative of pioneering in groundbreaking marketing strategies. We are Email Marketing Service Providers who have devised unique strategies that are particularly designed in a manner to help you move ahead of time. Money N Market Email Marketing will completely make sure to make your work easier and soothing. Be it a small business, mid-size venture or a big corporate house, we have solutions for all which are compiled exclusively in accordance with your specialized needs & requirements.

Amid many Top Email Marketing Companies we have different strategies of marketing which can make you be absolutely satisfied. We go to great lengths to understand your target market & your business type. Once we have done with the analysis of target we compiled, we then suggest you with some of the best strategies thereby, analyzing the pros & cons of each. We have a team of experts who make every possible effort to fuel up your broken bandwagon. In every step of your marketing strategy, we move along with you making your way to the corporate marketing world.

Our Email Marketing Campaign Services are much viable, as in our endeavor we strategize the whole marketing situation that we have built up another arrangement of guidelines for marketing that are set down deep roots. you can check our marketing strategies.

Coupon N Deal

When you shop, the craving to shop more and more is never-ending. You are always ready with your wishlist whenever it comes to shopping. So to make your shopping more happening and incessant, Couponndeal is your one-stop destination for the most advanced posting of Online Shopping Discount Coupon Codes from retailers. Our editors confirm these coupon codes regularly to guarantee the validity.

Coupon N Deal Coupon Code can help you save big on different products, or you may choose your preferred product according to a category as well, which ranges from Home Decor, Kitchen Appliances, Beauty Products, Apparels and much more.

We offer a lot of Online Stores Coupon Codes from foremost retailers. We keep updating the discount codes and varieties intermittently for your convenience. Our large database covers the greater part of the popular online shopping stores where you can use the Shopping Coupon Code and save big. You can discover the discount codes and avail it easily.

So, don't wait and seek this wonderful privilege and be the first to gain admittance to our thousands of coupons from around the web and save your cash.


AlphaIRT is initiated jointly by Alpha InfoLab, India and Alpha Infolab, USA. The headquarter of Alpha InfoLab is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA and has various branch offices in India viz., Indore, Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar. We are one of a few organizations in the WORLD that provide in-house developed products (Software) and services to their clients working as leading Digital marketing service agency. Technology is continuously improving and so are we. Keeping up with the latest marketing trends, we have increased our relevancy and customer appeal, which sets us apart from the competition.

Data center is the backbone to Digital Marketing industry. We are proud to inform that we have our OWN tier 3 IPv6 enabled data center, located at Indore and other data centers – spread worldwide (USA, UK, Germany and Canada) and in India (Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar). We also provide - data storage services, cloud services, etc. We have world standard, latest and HPC (High Performance Computing) machines at our data centers. We are currently providing six sigma standard quality services.

We always need a big number of employees. Train them and bringing up to the required level is a time consuming and expensive process. That is the reason of establishing Alpha Institute for Research and Technology (AlphaIRT). By providing practical knowledge (Live Project Training; LPT), we will convert individual’s skill into dollar fountains! At AlphaIRT, we give one hour theoretical training and two hours of practical training. Live Project Training; LPT keeps an individual into required pressure BUT results into high level of confidence.

eALPHA (Online Shopping Store)

Shopping has always been fun and the crib over it never really ends. Amid numerous Shopping Websites In India, is a profligate online shopping store, which is a venture of Alpha InfoLab. Where you will find different categories which have a wide range of products like Apparels, Footwear, Jewelry, Electronic Items, Home and Kitchen Appliances, Office Stationery Gifts, beauty and health products, and Sports related products as well. You can seek the privilege to shop by categories as aforementioned.

On the off chance, you are actually willing to stay upgraded with latest trends related to fashion, beauty, home decor or more. Ealpha Online Shopping Store India is an apt solution for all your concerns. It'll maybe your first time here, but we are assured that it won't be your last it is considered to be among the foremost Online Shopping Store India. We genuinely focus on to provide our customers with the best for which our major aim is to make all our customers delighted and satisfied, not only with our inexpensive prices but also the services and the quality of products. We believe to endeavor and make your visit worth and pleasurable. We would always appreciate your suggestions.

Our office is located in Indore and we perceive full value money.

Keeping the customer delight in our mind we periodically launch various offers and attractive discounts. To avail and claim discounts on products you're willing to buy, do visit us regularly for all the updates. Also, if you're looking for

Keeping the customer delight in our mind we periodically launch various offers and attractive discounts. To avail and claim discounts on products you're willing to buy, do visit us regularly for all the updates. Also, if you're looking for Best Online Shopping In India, eALPHA is a must visit.

Best Online Shopping In India, eALPHA is a must visit.