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Garuda - The Intelligent Mailer

Alpha InfoLab gives the business' driving Business-Driven Identity and Access Management platform. It gives a hearty method to organizations to move the accountability and responsibility for settling on access choices from Information Security, and out to the line of business, while enforcing policies and keeping up oversight Alpha InfoLab accomplishes this by managing the entire lifecycle of user access to information resources through an automated, continuous process for access request, approval, fulfillment, review, certification and remediation.

Garuda, The Intelligent Mailer web-based interface is an extremely robust application and Mass Mailer Software in itself. This Email Marketing Software has many features that allow you to import and manage your lists, create text and/or robust HTML emails, schedule broadcast campaigns, set up autoresponder sequences, view activity reports, manage incoming mail, and much more. No need to worry about being overloaded with too many features, as we have designed the interface to be easy to use - all tasks are a wizard-driven. The system also ensures that your emails are fully CAN-SPAM compliant. When you will use our IT Product and services like our mailing platform Garuda you can filter your contact list in 3 ways-

  • Importing- On importing your contact list ( Email List ) the data will be filtered as successful, duplicate, contained in suppression email list and bad data
  • After Shooting- Hard bounce and unsubscribed will move automatically to suppression list, hence the list will be cleaned.
  • Using trigger you can filter the list of opened or clicker mail list. At the time of exporting you can filter data by:
    • Mail ID of openers
    • Clicker and also from a particular link.
    • Active contacts
    • Date Subscribed
    • Bounce
    • Mail ID of unsubscribed

Silk Route - Best Buy Affiliated Programe

SilkRoute is widely considered the world’s leading Affiliate Marketing Platform. It is Powering the largest and most reputable affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs. We have been providing businesses with the vigorous tools and unmatched industry expertise needed to drive advertising revenue, operational efficiency and online distribution and brand visibility.

Silk Route is one of the Best Buy Affiliate Programs amid numerous. Our reliable and flexible IT Product and Services is empowering advertisers everywhere to make the most of this high-impact, exciting channel.

Our Internet Marketing Affiliate Program is putting advertisers in control of their purse strings; enabling them to make faster decisions and providing them with access to millions of data insights to help improve their campaign performance.

We work with you to develop Buy Affiliated with comprehensive affiliate solution that will meet your needs and fit your budget. We give you the privilege to seek our 24/7 access to support, uptime guarantees and real-time results, you can trust us to make your affiliate performance the best it can possibly be.

Best Buy Affiliate Programm

Alpha Jet : Fast Importer and Suppression

Import your existing subscribers to Sendloop quickly with the powerful import utility. No technical skills required. Simply upload your CSV file or copy from Excel to start the import process. You can import unlimited extra information along with the email address of subscribers With "ALPHA JET".

Suppression lists help you manage subscribers' unsubscribe actions. Use a suppression list to control who receives particular communications from a company. In ALPHA JET, suppression lists can be shared between parent and child business units.

Magnet : Coupon, Deal & Bid Management Tool

MAGNET offers a stable coupon distribution platform for media and marketing companies. We carefully designed each feature of MAGNET to be easy to use, quick, scalable and up to the latest standards. The result is a truly unique web content management software which is incredibly fun to use yet full of potential to create the next big Coupon website with.

A Web Content Management System Software deals with the creation and alteration of digital content. It regularly underpins numerous clients in a communitarian environment. Most CMSs incorporate Web-based distributing, organize administration, history altering, and form control, ordering, pursuit, and recovery.

A Web Content Management Software intended to help the administration of the content of Web pages

MAGNET is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly coupon code theme for Wordpress that makes setting up your own coupon code website easy.

MAGNET is the ideal solution for anyone looking to create affiliate websites suitable for website coupons, printable coupons, voucher codes, deals, and offers.

Built into MAGNET are lots of quality website features designed to make your job of managing a coupon website quick and painless!


Chittragupta is an intelligent and highly advanced Billing Software , designed in such a way to reduce your work load and save your time. Chittragupta can do all the hard work for you. Business organization uses this Software to sell their products and manage their sold products complete billing cycle. Billing softwares are sophisticated and hard to understand or use but in chittragupta we have specially kept this thing in mind that the software should be user friendly and easy to use , which makes chittragupta a prominent billing software.

With Chittragupta you can manage your client/ clients and can monitor their activity. It also has many options for manager or admin user to communicate with its customer.

Billing is a process of sending an invoice(bill) to a customer for goods of services. The Chittragupta helps to send that bill to your customer electronically i.e also known as E-billing (Electronic Billing).

Chittragupta is the latest software that has been developed by AlphaInfolab Pvt Ltd. AlphaInfolab Has developed the software in such a way that a large number of clients can be managed including their data, order, invoices and activity over the site. and has also provided the same facility for you and your co-workers additionally, Chittragupta users have been bound to access permission. This application aims to sell as many products as you want to various targeted individuals at once. And there are many things about chittragupta, to know more , use chittragupta user guide.