What are the best email validators to validate bulk emails?

When businesses have to do email bulk marketing, sometimes they run into delays in email deliveries or even do not enjoy high deliverable rate. This could become a problem, as your efforts and time will not yield any results. Hence, one must look for the feature of Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails to enjoy 100% email deliverability

Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails

Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails


What is email verification?

Email Validation is a process that is used by a reputed email software to verify if the recipient email address is valid and emails are deliverable Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails. It is an effective way to detect typing mistakes or misdirects on purpose or to even check if the email address exists with a reliable domain. 




Why do we verify email?

Recipients who are real use real emails, whereas those who are masking their identity will disguise or use a different email address. Email verification is very important to prevent frauds, remove blacklisted email addresses, spam complaints are reduced, remove hard bounces and protect and increase your reputation as a sender of bulk emails. An online email verifier will help in verifying emails, especially if you need to send bulk emails. 


When you are shopping for a mass email service provider, you don’t have to look further than Alpha Sandesh. Alpha Sandesh is a bulk email service provider in USA that has an inbuilt email verifier software that conducts thorough email checking




What are the three components of email authentication?

Alpha Sandesh provides Email security, validation and authentication to combat email forgery. The ways it protects the receiver is by implementing the SPF (Sender Policy Framework), DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) and Sender email address verification


Added to these three components, Alpha Sandesh also uses DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance). With Alpha Sandesh, you can also validate emails in real-time and remove them if they are not authentic. This will further help you with Email Segmentation. Segmenting emails will help you to create a clean list of email recipients and will help you to also remove subscribers who do not engage or those who never open your email campaigns



Failed email deliveries cost you more than you know, they cost you your email campaigns. According to a survey, 10% of email addresses used to subscribe are invalid. Another survey shows that 20% of email does not reach inboxes, but rather is either bounced or goes into spam or junk folder. 


Alpha Sandesh provides a dedicated SMTP server and a suppression list for you to help with email verification. When you can differentiate between bogus and genuine registrations, email verification service of Alpha Sandesh to verify email addresses of recipients is the best way forward to have a successful email marketing campaign. 


If you want to know more on Alpha Sandesh’s best bulk email sending software and bulk email solutionsconnect with our Email marketing team.

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