What are the best email validators to validate bulk emails?

Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails

When businesses have to do email bulk marketing, sometimes they run into delays in email deliveries or even do not enjoy high deliverable rate. This could become a problem, as your efforts and time will not yield any results. Hence, one must look for the feature of Best E-mail Validators To Validate Bulk E-mails to enjoy 100% email deliverability.    What is […]

How Email Marketing can help with Influencer Marketing?

Email Marketing can help with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing 2020 is fast catching up. You don’t have to be a celebrity to become an influencer marketer anymore, if you have the capability to market a product and you are social media savvy, then you are part of the modern influencer phenomenon. Influencer marketers can also take immense help from email marketing to […]

What to look for in an Affiliate Marketing Network?

Affiliate Marketing Network

When you are sure that an Affiliate strategy will work best for you, the next step for you is to look for online Affiliate Marketing services that will allow you to showcase your products effectively (Affiliate Marketing Network). There are various affiliate networks in the Affiliate marketing industry. To choose a good out of so […]

How to avoid these 5 mistakes in Business post-COVID-19?

mistakes in Business post-COVID-19

The world economy has slowed down and so have businesses post COVID-19. Businesses have suffered losses too and the unemployment rate has also seen a steep rise (mistakes in Business post-COVID-19). Why has this happened to some businesses while some businesses are thriving? When we look closely, we can see that SME’s or medium or […]

Alpha InfoLab Inc. completes Etisalat APNIC /19 IPs For sale

Alpha InfoLab Inc. completes Etisalat APNIC /19 IPs sale

Alpha InfoLab Inc., IPv4 Broker Service Provider is proud to announce the successful completion of one of it’s biggest deal in IPv4. /19 APNIC block was sold to Etisalat in July 2020 and this was an intra APNIC transfer facilitated by Alpha InfoLab Inc (Alpha InfoLab Inc. completes Etisalat APNIC /19 IPs sale).     […]

How Affiliate Marketing helps with Email Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing helps with Email Marketing

Businesses always are looking for various ways to capitalize on their resources in order to drive more sales and increase their customer base. Everyone uses Bulk Email Marketing to stay connected with customers and launch new products and services. There is yet another avenue that very few businesses use to help in Email Marketing, and […]

Create personalized user experiences by fusing IT and Marketing

personalized user experiences by fusing IT and Marketing

Providing personalized user experiences is one of the most important aspects of doing business online. In this cut-throat online business scenario, it is of utmost importance that businesses aim to develop a good rapport and brand image in the minds of customers. This can be easily done with the help of an Online Marketing Agency (personalized […]

How permission based email marketing increases revenue?

permission based email marketing increases revenue

How many times have you looked into your spam folder in a month? Not at all is the answer. Why? Because why would you want to look into the spam folder, only spam emails end up there. Isn’t it? If you do not conduct permission-based email marketing then it is very much likely that your emails end […]

Security audits in India amidst China cyber attacks risk

cyberattacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers

There have been official reports by DoT India about a series of cyber-attacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers. According to officials, there are nearly 10,000 attacks every day and malware with a CNC kind of attack pattern, i.e., Command and Control (cyberattacks by Chinese hackers from Chinese servers).    The DoT or Department of Telecommunication India […]

How is Digital Marketing being transformed by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing

AI or Artificial Intelligence has taken Information Technology companies into a new era. The AI era, where every business has an opportunity to utilize this effect to create efficient and responsive business tools ( Artificial Intelligence Affects Digital Marketing).   Artificial Intelligence is machine intelligence that mimics cognitive intelligence (learning or problem solving) to give […]