How Many Emails Are Sent Per Day ?Top Email Marketing Stats in 2020?

Emails are one of the popular modes of communication among businesses and are considered a better and a more formal way of communication. Email Marketing has evolved a lot and that has happened because of rise in internet users all over the world.


Email users have risen from all over the world, let us look at some of the  top email statistics for business:

  1. How many people use email in 2020? 

It is estimated that there are approximately 4.037 billion users in 2020 and expected to rise to 4.371 billion users in 2023. (Source: Statista)

  1. How many emails does the average person send per day

An average person could send 40 business emails per day. (Source: Templafy )

  1. How many emails are sent per second?

Based on a study, 2.4 billion Emails get sent every second. (Source: Techjury).

  1. How many emails are sent per day in 2020?

In 2020, there are roughly 306.4 billion emails that are sent per day. (Source: Techjury).

  1. How much is the daily emails are sent and received per day worldwide?

According to a data, 306.4 billion emails are sent and received every day. These numbers are expected to rise to 347.3 billion emails by 2023. (Source: Radicati)

  1. How many people check Emails on a smartphone worldwide?

Nearly 85% people worldwide use Smartphones to check emails, showing the popularity and preference for Mobile email marketing by businesses.

Some more  Email Marketing usage statistics in February 2020 are:

  • According to an Email Client Market Share report by Litmus, 39% use Apple IPhone as the most popular Smartphone to open emails.
  • Gmail is the first popular email client at 25%.
  • Apple Mail is the second popular email client used at 10%, followed by Outlook at 9%. (Source: Litmus)

Another important aspect of bulk mailing is to avoid spamming, many businesses do not know the best way to send marketing emails without their emails going into spam folders and adhere to CAN-SPAM complaint. For maximum email deliverability, using an intelligent and advanced bulk mailing service will help your emails actually reach the recipients. You will also enjoy monitoring the emails sent with advanced reporting and statistics.

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