Useful Email Marketing Statistics 2019

Why do businesses need email marketing? is a very common question we come across. For businesses who have been struggling to convert leads through other marketing avenues or have a tight marketing budget need a Digital Marketing plan with Email Marketing being the main strategy is utilized to double subscriber list, increase ROI rate and make profits.

The below is the email marketing stats you need which will help you with knowing the latest trends in email marketing worldwide and help you in increasing your sales trajectory:

  1. How many email users are there 2018?

Email user numbers has seen a global rise due to easy access to the internet and need for an email address for every individual like an online ID used to register and login on all websites. Emails Marketing done by companies and businesses has also evolved, with email marketing strategies coming into play.

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Worldwide email users

  1. How many emails are sent per day 2019?

Anyone who has an email account can agree with us that there is not a single day that goes by when your inbox does not have a new email. On average you will receive at least 5-6 emails daily. The emails amount to notifications sent by social media platforms, promotional emails to businesses you have subscribed to and some are spam emails that carry viruses and malware. 

emails sent and receive daily

  1. How much of all email is spam?

Spamming through emails is a major reason many companies are scared of sending bulk emails. Maximum times business have a daunting question Why are some emails going to spam? Alpha Sandesh changes this for your business, with intuitive spam keyword filter feature; you can check for spam keywords in the subject line and email content. To generate email which is spam free, informative and helpful for your recipients will also help you to increase your click to open rate. Email spam statistics 2019 is given in image. 

Countries with email spams

The spam messages compared to the total e-mail traffic was: 56% of e-mail traffic was spam messages in March 2019. When your business sends cold emails, we can convert leads from them, instead of labelling them as spam.

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  1. How many emails should a business send?

Sending business emails is good, but do you know how often should you email your subscribers? It really depends on your products and your subscribers. According to Alpha Sandesh, you can start by sending 1-2 emails a month. But slowly increase the email frequency depending on your subscriber’s interests.

  1. When should you send a follow up email?

If your products have regular offers or promotions, then sending 3-4 follow-up emails a month or 1-2 follow up emails a week is a good idea. But beware, too many emails in a month can offend your subscriber’s privacy, so start slow. Check the Analytics data every week for email open rates and click through rates, if any week the response is good than other weeks, it is better to follow the frequency of emails and accordingly you will know what works for you and your subscribers.

frequency of marketing mails

  1. What percentage of emails is opened on mobile devices?

With increased use of mobile phones, people prefer to open emails using their mobile phones. Mobile phones make it very convenient for users to access their emails wherever they go. Alpha Sandesh is intuitive to the user’s IP address, so if a user is in a different city or country, you can use their location and accordingly create instant and short campaigns specific to their location which they can use. For example, CouponNDeal uses Alpha Sandesh’s services to send awesome coupon deals of stores in UK, US and Australia depending on their users exact location, so that the users can take advantage of online shopping in that country and also save money with the discount.

email open rate on mobile devices

  1. When should you send email campaigns?

When you look at the above stats of when people open their emails, it is wise to send email campaigns over the weekend. Also Mondays is a good day to send emails between 10.00 am – 11.00 am since that is when people usually check their emails.

perfect time to send emails

  1. Emails read by Smart Speakers:

Read my emails to me, Alexa’ is what many email users have been trying lately. Using smart speakers like Alexa (Amazon), Cortana (Microsoft), Google Assistant or Siri (Google) etc. to read emails is growing. Hence, Marketing emails must be now compatible with smart speakers. Your email content must sound friendly to listen to and not sales oriented. According to a study by Think With Google, 52% people would like to receive information about deals, sales, and promotions from brands, showing that your emails must sound attractive too. Hence emails read by smart speakers will be trendy in the years to come.

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use of smart speakers in 2019

The above email marketing statistics 2019 will surely get you back on the drawing board to redraw your email marketing campaign and it is high time you upgrade to an intelligent Mailer Software like Garuda and a robust bulk Email SMTP services of Alpha Sandesh for a customizable campaign to work for your business in the long run, especially with the technological advancements.


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