A Proud moment for Alpha Infolab – Mr. Ajay Goyal speaks at TES 2019, Prague

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It is a proud moment for all, Mr. Ajay Goyal, President of Alpha InfoLab, Inc. was present at The European Summit Affiliate Conference 2019 held in Prague, the Czech Republic on 14th September 2019. Mr. Ajay Goyal was invited to speak 👨‍💼 on the topic “The depletion of IPv4 and rise of IPv6”, he received huge applause👏👏 from […]

The European Summit Affiliate Conferences Prague 2019

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Mr. Ajay Goyal, Eminent Speaker at TES 2019, Prague. Listen to him LIVE when he speaks on “The importance of working with IPv6 over IPv4 in Digital Marketing’, C Seminar Room, at 11:00 A.M. #The_European_Summit_Affiliate_Conferences_Prague_2019 IPv4.deals Dharamraz Online Games Alpha Sandesh #tes2019 #tes_prague_2019 #IPv4onlease #sale_IPv4 #Buy_ipv4 #bulk_email_service #website_development  

Alpha InfoLab, Inc. meet Stripcash Team at TES 2019

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Alpha InfoLab, Inc. Team is extremely happy☺️ to meet Stripcash Team at TES 2019, Prague. The power of TES Conference – Meet 🤝, Share and Build Business Strategies together. #The_European_Summit_Affiliate_Conferences_Prague_2019 IPv4.deals Alpha Sandesh The European Summit #tes2019 #tes_prague_2019 #IPv4onlease #sale_IPv4 #Buy_ipv4 #bulk_email_service #website_development

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2019

Ganesh Chaturthi 2019 saw Alpha InfoLab welcome Lord Ganesha with lots of fervour. We receive blessings from Lord Ganesha during daily Aarti and distribute Prasad, spreading a message of hope and love. Alpha InfoLab celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi and encourages all its employees to participate in the celebrations. The Ganesh Sthapana was made with a lot […]

Future of Voice Assistants or Smart Speakers

future of voice assisants

Everyone has a smart phone now-a-days and we are slowly adopting Voice technology trends like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc. at most homes and businesses worldwide. The startling fact is that the Voice assistant revolution has taken everyone by surprise but people have whole heartedly accepted the devices as they are economical to buy and […]

Performer of The Month

Congratulations to Anand Prajapat who earned the “Performer of the Month” for the month of July 2019 for being the top revenue grosser for Alpha InfoLab’s coupons and deals site CouponNDeal US. Well Done!!!! and we hope that he inspires others too. Alpha InfoLab rewards top performers every month with a specially-baked cookie box and […]

Social Media Kings and Queen of Alpha InfoLab

Congratulations to Alpha InfoLab’s very own Social Media Kings Mr. Nitin Kaul and Mr. Ajay Sharma and Queen Miss. Riya Bajaj who garnered a fair bit of limelight on the following social media sites list, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, practically showing the importance of social media. They shared a candid picture of themselves […]

IPv4 – IPv6 & The European Summit 2019 – Prague

You may have come across the recently trending topic of IPv4 IP addresses exhaustion and how IPv6 is replacing IPv4. Below we have broken down all the different aspects related to IPv4 and IPv6 and how they impact the global internet community. Firstly, let us understand how IP addresses around the world is distributed and […]