Can the Travel and Hospitality Industries revive?

Travel and Hospitality Industries: The pandemic has caused individuals to face uncertainty about health and jobs. To the world, it was just a health crisis, but the pandemic has now turned into an economic crisis, with the series of extended lockdowns happening around the world. People are losing jobs and the number of people dying from hunger has surpasses the number of people dying from the disease.




World countries are struggling to provide economic stability especially with the two star-studded industries having seen a dive – the Travel and the Hospitality Industries. These two are interdependent and have been the most hit. With aircrafts grounded, many top International Airlines are on the flight to bankruptcy namely Thai Airways, Virgin Australia, South African etc. Close on the heels is the Hospitality Industry which is reeling from holiday cancellations all over the world. Reviving these two industries is a huge task, yet not impossible. 


Why this optimism? 

Well its simple, the human race always bounces back. However, the road to recovery is long and painstaking. In an interview published in the World Economic Forum, Gita Gopinath, the Chief Economist of The International Monetary Fund echoed that global cooperation is the key to fight this economic pandemic. However, funding in phases to other industries in distress could be prioritized over Travel and Hospitality to be later revived based on demand. 


Do we have a solution? 

The leaders of the Travel and Hospitality Industries may need to look at different avenues to bring people to trust their services. Many International Airlines like Emirates Airlines, Air India Express, United Airlines etc. are examples of airlines which have been in the frontline to advocate healthcare at this time. Other Airlines, Hotels and Resorts must follow suit. Airlines have started repatriation flights by giving priority to keeping their staff safe by providing them with good quality PPE kits, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and customers safely seated wearing a face mask. The new normal for Airlines are – Social distancing, re-training staff on enhanced aircraft cleaning and disinfection protocols, packaged meals on board, having first responder teams, using high-end equipment to purify air inside the cabin, Thermal Scanning, Protective Check-in barriers, etc.


Technology and Healthcare Integration

The only way businesses, industries and economies could see a turn-around for good is when they learn to adapt, adopt and employ new Digital technology, like IPv6+, which the Airlines could slowly implement in phases after approval. A complete Digital integration where a traveler is provided with an end to end solution keeping healthcare as paramount. You can buy IPv4 Address now


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Revival can happen

Does in-flight or in-hotel healthcare sound familiar? Of course, especially when we see that after Hospitals; Airlines and Hotels have stepped up their services non-stop. International Airlines have been key in flying cargo planes by supplying essential goods like medical supplies and flying passengers back to their homes in repatriation efforts. Hotels have become make-shift quarantine centers to house passengers or even patients. 


So, are we still having questions about reviving the Travel and Hospitality Industry? I don’t think so. Travel and Hospitality industries could take a year or even more to recover, but will surely bounce back eventually. Fingers Crossed!! 


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