Having a business email is definitely very good, but many businesses assume that all business email providers provide safe and secure email hosting. However, this is far from true. Business Email Hosting Services that are free do not guarantee safety and security for your email contacts and business information. 



Looking out for Business Email Hosting Services Market trends could be tricky for a business especially if you do not know what one must look for as features of business email hosting

To help you with making the right decision we have listed 5 top key features of the Email Hosting Services you must look for:

  1. Email Solution: When you search for Email Hosting Services Market by solution, your priority must be to see if you are provided with a comprehensive solution or all-in-one solution. This includes Email Marketing services, robust SMTP Server, Dedicated IPs for Bulk Emailing, Encrypted emails feature, built-in Email Templates, Analytics and reporting, advanced email marketing tools, integration or syncing with other applications for complete transparency and more. 
  2. Send and receive emails from anywhere: When you have a global business with customers spanned across continents it is eminent that your email host allows you to send bulk emails to any location and receive emails from any location. So, an Email Hosting Services Market by geography must be the second feature to look out for.    
  3. Personalized and customized Bulk emails: Would you open an email with your name in the subject line and the email content? Yes, you would since it is addressed personally to you. So, to be able to personalize emails in the subject line and email content and customize email campaigns according to your recipient’s interest will increase your email open rates by 20%. 
  4. Multiple Business Emails: Ensuring every employee in your company has a business email is a must since every email sent through each of your employees including you will build a bond of trust and show professionalism to your recipients. 
  5. Automating Trigger Emails: Sending automated trigger emails to your recipients shows that you pay attention to them, no matter how small the email is. A visitor registers with you by sharing their email address or browses through your ecommerce site or abandons the shopping cart, you have a golden opportunity to send an email to say that you care about their visit to your site and it would be great if they came back and complete the transaction or ask if you could assist them in any way or maybe they had a hiccup when they were going to make the payment – ask if you could simplify the process. These trigger emails are very effective and could increase open rates by 71% and conversion rates by 35%.

The Email Hosting Services Market has seen a boom in the recent years; however, it is important that you choose a reputed and secure Business Email Host. Your reason to buy Email Hosting Services must be clear and precise, does the service provide you with all the above features? If the answer to the question is a YES then go ahead with the Business Email Service. For more information on Alpha VBox’s Business Email Hosting speak to our specialists.  

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