7 Secrets Of Cold Email Marketing

Cold Emailing is underrated and widely used the wrong way. Often cold emails are associated with spam emails, but it is not true. A Cold email when sent can be effective if done keeping in mind some crucial points or we call them secret tips. 

What is cold email marketing?

Cold email marketing is where an email is sent to the recipient without their prior knowledge or contact. However, using valuable bulk email marketing tools will make sure that your cold email recipients can be converted into leads.


Is cold emailing illegal?

Cold emailing is not illegal, however, if not done properly and lots of bulk emails are sent without adhering to CAN-SPAM Act, then it can be deemed illegal and spam. 


Check out the following 7 cold email secrets revealed and best practices which you will benefit from:

1. How do you send cold emails?

A cold email must be dealt with in the same way as any other promotional email you would send to contacts. However, it is vital that you first vet your existing contact list and make sure that the emails are valid. Next make sure you have basic information like what they are interested in and know their first names so that you can design and send a cold personalized bulk email so that you are talking on a one-one basis, unlike a generic email.

2. How many cold emails should I send?

If you send cold Bulk email but aren’t getting the desired results or your emails simply go in the spam folder of the recipient, then something needs to be done. We at Alpha Sandesh advice to send between 800 – 1000 emails per day.

3. What is a good open rate for cold email?

A good open rate for cold email ranges between 15% to 25%, provided the cold email campaign is targeted to a niche audience. You have to take out time to create a niche contact list that will benefit from your products or services.

4. What is the best time to send a cold email?

Ideally, any mail you send in email marketing, whether it is a cold email or a sales or promotional email, sending them on a Tuesday has a pretty good open rate, since this is the day when people relax into the workweek and often check their emails during office hours. 

5. How do you get people to respond to cold emails?

Opening an email is one thing, but getting a response from a recipient is a different ball game altogether! What can you do to evoke a response? Well, firstly, make sure your email layout is attractive, your impression in the cold email must not shout ‘SALE’ instead focus on ‘Problem’ and ‘Solution’. When you highlight a problem that your recipient is facing and then offer your products and services as a way to solve their problem will compel your email recipients to reply. 

6. What do you do when a prospect won’t respond?

Ok, the fact is you sent 1000 emails, out of which 270 bounced back, so, you are left with just 760 emails, out of which only 40 replied….don’t be disheartened that 720 did not send you a reply. Instead create a different ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ email campaign marketing to these 720 contacts, with a new subject line and new email content. So, keep sending emails to the leftover contacts with varied campaigns until you reach an acceptable number of positive replies.

7. What is the best platform to send cold emails from?

Shop for a good bulk email sender service like Alpha Sandesh so that you take their best cold email marketing services to convert leads and eventually generate revenue. 

Alpha Sandesh is a reputed email autoresponder service provider that also provides a robust SMTP server and best VPS server services, so that you have a high and guaranteed email deliverability, making sure that your recipients become double opt-in contacts. 


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