Top 5 Mistakes in Social Media that ruin your Business

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Top 5 Mistakes in Social Media that ruin your Business

Social media is a great potential platform for your business growth. Marketer wants to boost their reach, leads, and traffic. But when something is used wrong, social media networks could actually the goodwill of your brand.

When social media has so much to offer for all your promotional needs, it is crucial that you’re much enough to understand how to get the most out of it. There is no such real guide for the perfect social media presence. But there are some common mistakes you need to stay away from!

1. No content strategy:

Content prompts conversations, conversations helps to build connections and connections drive ROI. To get by from the pressure made by content issues, it will be less demanding. It is easy for you to pick a choice of employing an online networking marketing company which gives great SMM Services.

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2. No investment in owned assets:

A solid email list, a blog or substance site and wealthier media resources (video, infographics, and so on) are for the most part fundamental components of a balanced social networking nearness for any business.

3. No social media plan:

On the off chance that you don’t realize what your objectives are and what assets you will dedicate it, there’s no real way to measure this achievement. There is an another route for this situation, that is to employ or get the help of SMM Agency (web-based social networking promoting agency).

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4. Forget the human element:

Always keep in mind to treat the people the same way you would treat them in real life. Be a kind-hearted human and make friends. Do not forget whatever you say, no matter how normally you said, it becomes the important part of your reputation and brand image.

5. Avoid Comments:

The faster you reply in less time on different fan pages, the happier you will keep your fans because they are your customers and prospects. And also that’s money in the bank account.

6. No description:

As early as possible you create an account for your business purpose, whether it will be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin. Make sure you completely fill out your all details on profile.

7. No lead generation plan:

Guarantee your branding is conspicuous in all stages and steady all through. On the distinctive stages as the specs are different on each, when somebody bounces around to your diverse records your branding ought to be clear.

8. Build it:

All you need to update your all pages regularly, change profile photos and cover photo in some month and engage your targeted users daily by publishing many posts as possible. You will lose your audience quickly if there is no such updates and valuable information on your company’s profile.

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5 Key Elements To Know Before Joining Affiliate Program

Joining hands with affiliate marketing program is an easy task, but choosing the right one to promote might be a big difficulty for a lot of people. Your work as a marketer is to bring traffic or customers to your business partner. In the exchange process, you drive them leads, sales and brand awareness. Well, you should know that Affiliate Marketing is great but to succeed you’ll need to have a lot of optimism, patience, and dedication.

Digital Marketing Solution Providers

Digital Marketing Solution Providers

Your success and failure all depend on the type of program you have joined for business. Do not fret, joining an affiliate program is free, and promoting their product takes much effort and resources.

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So, here are few things to choose the right program-

1. Your affiliate program must give commission on each sale: – Promoting via affiliate marketing is a simple business in which you will gain rupees when you generate sales of other peoples’ products. For each sale, you will get some percentage fixed by you and organization. So, make sure that your affiliate program is offering fair commission on per sale.

2. A reputation of Product/Network: – If you talk about other people thoughts on affiliate marketing, you’ll get a lot of mixed reactions. The reason is some of them have made billions while others have been cheated on payments. In today’s business industry, new independent programs offer high commissions but at the end, they don’t end up paying you.

Although, it’s our mistake if we don’t check out the goodwill of company/network before joining we won’t be able to play things safe.

3. Affiliate Cookie Length: – I appreciate affiliate marketing because of the freedom which they offer is the biggest reason. I mean really, that’s awesome! The standard time is usually in between 30 to 90 days after a user clicks on an affiliate link. That’s good, these programs provide you commission if a visitor another product (that the one you recommend) from the web page. Some affiliate programs must not offer both services.

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4. Track your sales and promotions: – Ensure your digital marketing solution providers is offering service to track your promotion and generated sales. Spend a little time on researching tracking software. Try to know all the tracking methods. Tracking things of all your business needs is very important for affiliate marketing success.

5. Know the niche market: – It is important to know more about your niche market and your targeted customers. Understand what problem they have and by which method you can find out the solution. Make your niche fixable. If it is broad then narrow it. You must maintain a balance between competition and demand. Your chosen affiliate program or product should be fit with your niche.

So, these are the 5 elements you must know before choosing an affiliate marketing program. Selecting a demanded product for promotion is very important for high affiliate income.

Top Techniques that Define the Success of Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

As the term define, Display advertising is a kind of marketing process that gives business or commercial information to the customers. Mainly, it has visual message using text, logos, animations videos, photographs, or graphics.

Forms of Display Advertisement:

Many of the Digital Marketing Solution Providers generally use several forms of display advertisement, which means it has enormous ways to do your products & services promotions. Some of the most well-known kinds are Text, Videos, Images, Mobile apps, Banners, and Email.

In the effort to achieve their buyers, advertisers and brands today have digital advertising in their prime core interest. Despite it may, their best efforts, some are still not feeling the impact of their display ventures, even with a solid online presence and utilization of most recent advancements. For the individuals who are yet attempting to get the ROI of their display campaigns.

Here are tools and techniques to make a winning display advertising-

1. Reach:

Users reach means the total number of people who potentially look down at your display advertisement. Usually, it demonstrates quantity of visitors that visit your ads on your website.

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2. CTR (Click Through Rate):

When we talk about Display promotion, the CTR rate is defined in context to the probability of a visitor clicking on your ad. Click through rate is known as a benchmark by advertising agencies to measure how good an advertisement or a campaign is viewed by the users.

3. Bounce Rate:

Bounce or skip rate is the extent of visits that happen just to one page before leaving the site, and when a client bounces on a page that was promoted by a display commercial, it demonstrates that the individual was spurred enough to tap on the ad, in any case, at the time, they went on your site, they made sense of what they saw on the publicized page is not as indicated by their decision. There are various viewpoints that influence your bounce rate. For example, guests may leave your site from the landing page if there are site design or usability issues.

4. Conversion Rate:

It guides you what percentage of the users have clicked on your online display ad, an ending up by finishing an action or goal of an advertiser like, purchase and sign up.

5. Return on Investment:

When the organization is showcasing their ads, every time there is a cost associated together with a goal to accomplish. It simply means, how much revenue you get after investing an accurate cost of expenditure. For example, if you earn $150 on the investment of $100 that means your ROI is 50%.

iGaming Super Show Four-Day Conference At Amsterdam! Free Admission for Everyone

Another great event, the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference (AAC) 2017 is taking place on the 11th-14th July 2017 at Hall8, Amsterdam RAI, 1078 GZ Netherlands under iGaming Super Show. This iGaming exhibition for all gaming industry is guaranteed to meet your needs from education, networking and business perspective. In this year AAC boasts over 1,800 affiliates and eight events in 4 days one location including lottery, sports betting, forex dedicated payments, regulation & compliance, financial and affiliate events.

msterdam Affiliate Conference

iGaming Super Show

Moreover, In 2016 conference around 4313 delegates from over 101 countries, 100+ speakers and over 150 exhibitors and sponsors took part in. The iGaming Super event delivers the biggest events in the affiliate market, with hundreds of affiliates present than any other event. The sessions on SEO, Social Marketing, Digital Marketing, PPC, Landing page optimization and much more will focus on two-day dedicated conference.

Many of the big companies are sponsoring in this 4-day affiliate conference. There are numerous sponsors who are contributing it for Wifi & Opening Party, Water, Sports betting, Platinum, Bar, Mobile Gaming, Global Lottery, Delegate Bag, VIP Drinks, iGnite & SBC Betting forum & Washroom Sponsor. The following sponsors are vary from 2 distinct zones:

iGaming Super Show Sponsors

iGaming Super Show Sponsors

This iGaming Super Show is supported by an exhibition with an expected seventy administrators showing, including huge brands, for example, William Hill, bet365, 888 and through recently launched operators.

iGaming Super Show Exhibitors

iGaming Super Show Exhibitors

In the year 2016, 8/10 delegates rated iGaming super show as market leading. Follow them on social media for latest updates on the iGaming Business.

Facebook You can follow them by searching iGaming Business or by visiting

Instagram is the most engaged social account during the iGaming Big Show. You can follow them by their username igamingbusiness or use the event hashtag #iGSS2017.

Twitter is a great place to ask questions if you want a instant reply at the show. On twitter you will get great conference content and top announcements from the show. Follow us by iGaming Business.

Linkedin helps you to keep an eye on the conference for all four days. They will post videos from some of their shows to give their followers a sneak peak into iGaming Super Show. Search iGaming Business for all updates.

Meet Us at the launching of online gaming network at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2017

AAC 2017: Dharamraz

AAC 2017: Dharamraz

India’s leading IT service provider Alpha Infolab is again going to participate in 4 days conference event (11th July to 14th July) in the Amsterdam, Europe. The company is all set to launch its free Online Casino Games network namely, ‘’DHARAMRAZ’’ which offers number of virus-free games that you can play right from your browser or mobile phone. Games like Casino, Free spin bots, Lottery, Bingo, Poker and Slot are totally free for you. You may win jackpots, prizes, lottery tickets and bonus after playing this popular games at ‘DHARAMRAZ’.
Well, it also offers triple your bonus, €200 with 30+ free spins and many more without deposting any money from your account.

All Casino lovers let’s check out some games here:

* Casino

The room or house where certain gambling activities are going on and the games which is played in Casino is known as Casino games. Casino is the favorite entertainment hub of many peoples around from the world. The players of this game gamble casino cheaps on different possible random outcomes or the combination outcomes. Grab Up amazing Online Casino Bonus and offers in Casino-X, Guts and Leo Vegas.


Poker is the game which is mainly played by the cards that combines gambling, skills, strategies and tricks. The poker holds the highest ranking card in the hand and the other player determine the winner with the combination of player’s cards. Poker has many variations like Stud poker, Draw poker, Straight, Community card poker and strip poker this all follows same pattern.


A game which is played on a marked table from 1 to 36 and other sections affording the players a variety of betting opportunities. To choose the winning number and color, a croupier spins the little wheel in one direction with one ball in hand to opposite direction. Additionally, ball loses it momentum and falls onto the wheel on the even or odd marked numbers.


The another game of this gaming portal is Bingo. It is the game in which players marks the number on 5*5 cards. Each space in the card grid is printed with numbers. When the player found the selected numbers are arranged in a row they called out ‘’Bingo’’!


A lottery games like Power Ball Jackpot, Spella Lotto, Lotto lucker etc brings you lot of lotto tickets, Buy 1 get 1 free, World’s biggest jackpot and many more prizes. A gambling of games or method of raising amount for purposes comes in lottery.

This time we bring lot of opportunities and 100’s of speakers, exhibitors and 4,500 delegates from different countries are expected to take part in the event.

The organization was established in the year 2009 by GBS group which is known for its unique business process and needs of its customers in Email Marketing, E-commerce, Information & Technology, Digital Marketing, Chemicals, Web development and Apparels manufacturing.

The main motive of Alpha Infolab Pvt Ltd is to provide healthy and excellent services to its clients and customers. On the other hand, GBS group’s head quaters is located at Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

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Let’s Meet Us Berlin Affiliate Conference 2016 – Alpha Infolab India

Looking for a Business Solution? Let’s meet Alpha Info lab, a leading IT services provider in India is all set to participate in the Berlin Affiliate Conference, which will be taking place from October 21st to 22nd 2016. In this event attract 100+ exhibitors and sponsors and over 3,000 delegates. This conference is a part of the IGaming Affiliate and is anticipated to be a great success with business deals and analysis of what your competitors are doing. This is the best event for affiliates, networks and business leaders. The strategic conference program, for all delegates from start to finish, expert speakers and unrivaled network.

You can know more about Berlin Affiliate Conference

Berlin Affiliate Conference
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Our Services:

Alpha Sandesh : Best Email Marketing Company, worlds leading bulk emailing service provider to send email campaigns, bulk emails, newsletters and mass email – without worrying about installing email marketing software or configuring mail servers.

Click Cabin : It act as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, attempting to make a lucrative deal for both the parties. Click Cabin, a leading CPA, CPC and CPM affiliate network will work dedicatedly to generate constant revenues of advertisers and publishers by driving large amount of quality traffic.

Alpha VBox  : It is focussed on providing a leading Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. We have experienced exponential growth and are a global company servicing a large number of clients.

eALPHA : is an online shopping store, A venture of Alpha Infolab, where you will find a wide range of products like jewelry, electronic items, home and kitchen appliances, office stationary gifts, footwear, apparels, beauty and health products, fitness and sports. You will find all kinds of brands here. Our office is located in Indore.

Money N Market : Money & Market is an innovative internet marketing company India with a sole initiative of pioneering in ground breaking marketing strategies. We have devised unique strategies that are particularly designed in a manner to help you move ahead of time. Be it a small business, mid-size venture or a big corporate house we have solutions for all which are complied exclusively in accordance to your specialized needs & requirements.

Coupon N Deal : Couponndeal, the most advanced listing of discounted coupon codes from Indian retailers. Our editors verify these coupon codes regularly to ensure the validity. It helps to make the savings you want with coupon codes for thousands of online shopping stores.


Our Products:

Garuda: The Intelligent Mailer web-based interface is an extremely robust application in itself. We have included many features that allow you to import and manage your lists, create text and/or robust HTML emails, schedule broadcast campaigns, set up autoresponder sequences, view activity reports, manage incoming mail, and much more.

Silk Route: It is widely considered the world’s leading affiliate marketing and affiliate software tracking platform—powering the largest and most reputable affiliate networks and in-house AFFILIATE PROGRAMS. We have been providing businesses with the robust tools and unmatched industry expertise needed to drive advertising revenue, operational efficiency and online distribution and brand visibility.

Chittragupta: It is an intelligent and highly advanced Billing Software , designed in such a way to reduce your work load and save your time. With Chittragupta you can manage your client/ clients and can monitor their activity. It also has many options for manager or admin user to communicate with its customer.

Magnet: It offers a stable coupon distribution platform for media and marketing companies. We carefully designed each feature of MAGNET to be easy to use, quick, scalable and up to the latest standards. The result is a truly unique CMS which is incredibly fun to use yet full of potential to create the next big Coupon website with. MAGNET is a powerful, secure, SEO friendly coupon code theme for WordPress that makes setting up your own coupon code website easy.

We have successfully defined, designed and delivered business value to global corporations across industries such as Chemicals, Information & Technology, Digital Media, Ecommerce, Education and Apparels manufacturing.You can visit us at Berlin Affiliate Conference at BOOTH NO. K60 and talk to our management authorities for the best possible solution. Or, you can mail your queries at: info [@] alphainfolab [dot] com

Meet Alpha Info Lab India At Amsterdam Affiliate Conference 2015

Alpha Info lab, a leading IT services provider in India is all set to participate in Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, which will be taking place from June 23rd to 26th 2015. This conference is a part of iGaming Super Show and is anticipated to be a great success with over 3,500 representatives in attendance of which 1,800 will be affiliates. This four days conference include trademark activities such as exhibition and networking events with the elite in iGaming. This is really an event that combines business with pleasure, and one you will definitely not want to miss. You can know more about Amsterdam Affiliate Conference here.


In this conference, Alpha Info Lab will be showing its strength through Click Cabin (affiliate network), Silk Route (affiliate tracking software), Alphasandesh (bulk email marketing server), Garuda (email marketing software), MoneyNmarket (email publisher) and couponndeal (display publisher). All the above included things make Alpha Info Lab superior in the world and provide a unique platform in a crowded online marketplace.

Alpha Info Lab has solution to each unique business need. It has affiliate network Click cabin for providing the best marketing platform to publishers and advertisers. And, for getting the best lead tracking experience, Silk route affiliate tracking software is always the best solution.

For your bulk emailing requirements, it has Alphasandesh. Through bulk email marketing server, you can send millions of mails in a single shot and generate a huge business for your company. With bulk email marketing server, you can also use Garuda software to evaluate the efficiency of your email marketing campaign.

If you are an advertiser who wants to promote a product or service through email marketing, but do not have a large budget to spend on bulk email marketing server, then you can team up with MoneyNmarket email publisher.

At last, if you need display publisher to promote your online shopping store or want to get a huge customer base, then Couponndeal is always ready to help you with its geo targeted traffic zone from India, US and UK.

Overall, the Alpha Info lab has a strong base and huge experience in accomplishing each individual’s unique business requirement. We are in this field from many years and serving clients from all over the world. You can visit us at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference at BOOTH NO. H6 and talk to our management authorities for the best possible solution. Or, you can mail your queries at: info [@] alphainfolab [dot] com.

Affiliate Summit West 2015 –Alpha Info Lab, India Going to Participate At The Event


It has been the time of year again – the annual Affiliate Summit West 2015 is here! Going to take place in Las Vegas, United States. Affiliate Summit is one of the world’s leading affiliate marketing conferences. Here, you can meet some of the industry’s biggest names, and get helpful advice to become successful in affiliate marketing. In addition, it is a great chance to meet others and get inspired by their success.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have an interest in the industry, this is the event you must attend. This conference is taking place on January 18-20, 2015. This three day conference involves an exhibit hall with affiliate networks, merchants, affiliates, and vendors, as well as different tracks of educational sessions covering topics on the latest trends and information from affiliate marketing specialists.

Alpha Info Lab, one of the leading IT service providers in India, will be participating as an exhibitor at the event. In Affiliate Summit West 2015, its main strength would be Click Cabin (Affiliate Network), Silk Route (Affiliate Tracking Software), Couponndeal (Display Publisher), Money N Market (Email Publisher), Alphasandesh (Email Service Provider), and Garuda (Email Marketing Software).

1. Click cabin: Click Cabin is one of the well-known Affiliate Networks, providing the best affiliate platform for advertisers. If you join our network as an advertiser, then we will provide you with an unswerving access to global affiliate publishers to get maximum results at minimum level of risk. We make an effort to foresee your product viewpoints. We aim to deliver a wide range of pay for performance-based advertising programs on CPA or cost per action basis to help companies’ in growing rapidly.

2. Silk route: SilkRoute is an affiliate tracking software, which aims to provide a tracking platform to the largest and highly regarded affiliate networks and in-house affiliate programs. We provide businesses with powerful tools and unmatched industry proficiency required to generate advertising revenue, operational effectiveness and brand visibility. Our strong, dependable and flexible technology is empowering advertisers all over the place to make the most out of this highly effective and exciting tracking platform.

3. Couponndeal: Couponndeal is a coupon website, which provides the most advanced listings of discount coupon codes. It runs unique offers and deals from most popular retailers such as Amazon, Jabong, Ebay and many others. If you also want to run your offers, then couponndeal is one of the best places to display your ads and generate a huge revenue for your online shopping store.

4. Money N Market: The main aim of Money N Market is to run email campaigns of different advertisers all across the world. It has devised unique techniques that are specifically planned in a way to help online marketers move ahead of time. Whether it is a small business, mid-sized enterprise or a big corporate house, we have solutions for all according to their specialized needs & requirements.

5. Alphasandesh: Alphasandesh provides a user-friendly, affordable  and the best email marketing solution to help various businesses. It has an affordable pricing structure to align with different business needs, and offers the best and powerful email marketing solution that allows every organization to maintain a continuous connection with their clients. It offers a unique platform that makes delivery of emails simple.

6. Garuda: Garuda, is a complete web based email marketing software, which allows the user to not only access to their email list and campaigns, but also an inclusive email marketing platform to create, deploy and examine your campaigns even when you are not present. Garuda provides the ability to evaluate the efficiency of your email campaign by giving detailed statistics like email opens, click throughs, unsubscribes, etc. All you have to do is just click the button and everything will be done. You don’t need to go through all the technical specifications, just focus on your marketing efforts and Garuda will manage all the things for you.

The Alphha Info Lab team has many years of experience, working and investing in digitally-enabled businesses, continues to innovate and provide world class services to clients. You can visit us at the event and speak to some of our management staff members who will be present at the conference. Or you can mail your queries at: info [@] alphainfolab [dot] com.

Click Cabin A Perfect Solution for Affiliate Marketing

With the aim of providing a better platform for advertiser and publisher to their affiliate marketing efforts, Alphainfonet has introduced a new affiliate marketing program/product named as “ClickCabin”. Team of click cabin says “your success means our success”. We are an intermediate agency which tries to provide a lucrative deal for both (the Advertiser and Publisher).
Affiliate Marketing Company

Our Affiliate Marketing plans work dedicatedly to generate constant revenues by arranging huge inventory of ads for both the parties. We dedicatedly concentrate to deliver a reliable and targeted results by capturing the needs of the advertiser and the publisher so they can meet their needs with established expectations or standards.

We ensure that advertiser with us get targeted audience for their campaigns and publisher can stretch their radius for ad inventory, So both the parties can earn or we can also say improve their investment and ROI to the next level with our unique and creative approach.

Our dream is to delight our each and every client with our flawless and extreme services that is unmatched in the entire market.

So joining  clickcabin is extremely worthy for advertisers and publisher. With ClickCabin they get followings as listed below

Different Affiliate Models :-

With our different advertising models (CPC, CPA and CPM) anyone can handle a large ad inventories as per their need. As every model is made to achieve different goals. So according to need anyone can select any model to achieve their targets and to maximize their ROI.

Reliable Tracking System:-

ClickCabin offers the best tracking system to monitor the complete ad campaign, so with our tracking system you get all the states like clicks, actions and impressions and so on which will help you to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

Best Paying Program:-

ClickCabin ensure that our publisher gets highest payout and enables advertiser to minimize their ad cost.

So with ClickCabin anyone is free to join as a publisher or advertiser, there is no cost associated with sign up. We usually take up to 24 hours to screen any new publisher. We are inviting all type of publisher and advertiser from beginners to the most renowned and establish one.