The Best way to selling Cloud Backup to your clients

Cloud Backup

Cloud data backup is very common these days, from your email account to your business data. Cloud backup provides an enormous amount of savings to a business, provides more server power, reduce IT infrastructure costs, less manageable and maintainable and easily scalable.        Data backup comes in various forms like image backup, document […]

How is Digital Transformation impacting your Business Performance?


When we look back to the history of evolution, every age had seen some kind of innovation which lead to a better life. The Ice age, the Stone Age, the iron age and now the digital age. Digital transformation in Information Technology has changed the way businesses operate and connect with customers.      There is […]

Setup your own smtp server to send unlimited emails per second

SMTP Server

As a business you want to be able to take full advantage of sending Bulk mail but the current SMTP server you use is not up to the mark, probably it is free SMTP service, hence could have limited features.    For such limitations it is important that you must setup your own SMTP server to […]

Business Email Hosting Services Trends You Should Know in 2020


Having a business email is definitely very good, but many businesses assume that all business email providers provide safe and secure email hosting. However, this is far from true. Business Email Hosting Services that are free do not guarantee safety and security for your email contacts and business information.    Looking out for Business Email Hosting […]

5 Successful Tricks to send mass emails for your clients

Mass Emails

Email Marketing is the way to reach customers and sell products and services for more than 80% small businesses. Hence, it is vital that businesses rely on a reputed and advanced Email Sending Software to send mass emails.    How to send mass email marketing emails? Though an email sending software it vital for sending mass emails, […]

Improve your Email Marketing Strategy in 2020

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing strategy : Marketing for business and companies is very complex, since they have to look at various trajectories by searching for new audience and then target them with their products and services. To survive in a cut-throat business competition, businesses must look for various avenues that work for them. One of the most […]

6 B2B IT Marketing Trends in 2020

IT Marketing

The importance of IT Marketing for B2B is even more the need of the hour for the Global IT industry growth in 2020 to really take off especially with the pandemic bolstering business profits and economic growth. As the business of IT services continues to evolve due to the current world scenario, it is vital […]

How to choose best smtp server for email marketing?

smtp server

For any business to have a successful stint at Email Marketing, robust  SMTP server services is the key. Businesses who need to send mass marketing emails to recipients may find the usual email services not up to the mark. Businesses also require their own company email address for professional use and many email services do […]

Six benefits of choosing Cloud Hosting

When we hear of Cloud Hosting, we instantly think about personal file hosting, yet your website too can find a place in cloud. There are many benefits of hosting your website on cloud for a lot less than other hosting options.  VPS Hosting includes many hosting services and cloud hosting is a component that came […]