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Boost your ROI

For businesses, email marketing has maintained a niche over other digital marketing tools because communication with customers is more personal and direct. According to a Direct Marketing Association (DMA) report, the ROI for businesses who use email marketing to promote products and services is nearly 40% more than what businesses invest. Hence, it is one of the best advertising tools for businesses.

Email Designer

Designing an email has never been easier. We provide various free HTML email templates for you. It allows you to create and send stylish email newsletters to your customers quickly or if you are an HTML expert, you can create your personalized template. Our email designer is the solution to all your email designing needs. No design or coding skills required for creating your attractive and stylish email newsletter. Whether you are a first-time email marketer or an HTML expert, our design feature helps you create beautiful email newsletters that match your business' theme

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Email Templates

  • Start creating your email with dozens of beautiful and industry specific email templates.

Email Personalization

  • Personalizing your email is just a click away, using custom fields such as first name, age, or company name. It is just like mail merge in Microsoft Word.

Upload or Import Content

  • By using WYSIWYG editor, an existing email campaign from your computer can be uploaded or you can import it from a web page.

Popup and Inbox Previews

  • Before sending an email see how it looks like: Take a look at the web version or email it to yourself.

Design Once, Please Many

  • Your subscribers see your email exactly as you intend it to be seen, because our templates have been tested to work on latest and most popular email clients (including Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook).

RSS Archive of Sent Emails

  • With the help of Interspire Email Marketer, RSS archive of your sent emails is created automatically, making it easy to display the archive on the website or anywhere that supports RSS.
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Email Campaign

Be in compliance with spam laws with our automated list management system, It will take care of unsubscribing and bounce backs for you. Customize your emails look and function with our easy drag and drop interface and simple formatting tools. You can see the number of clicks, opens, bounces, and unsubscribes for your email campaign with the help of statistics. Also, know who received and opened your email and what links they clicked on.

Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes

  • Allow unsubscribes easily in your email campaign with the help of 'insert unsubscribe link' button. It is required by law in most countries.

Free, Built-In Spam Checking

  • Analyze your email for spam keywords and spam reports which show you exactly what needs to be changed.

Dynamic Content Blocks

  • You can personalize a section of your email message based on custom field values by using Dynamic Content Blocks.

Automatic Inbox Preview

  • See how your email will look like in popular email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, outlook) with our email marketer's inbox preview tool.

Campaign Optimization Tips

  • View tips, tricks, and advice to make sure your email campaign is optimized before sending, right from Big Commerce.


Get closer, stand out and stay in touch automatically with autoresponder's smart follow-ups. Many autoresponders can be defined as you want. These are probably the single most valuable and effective tool for internet marketers. It can quickly build and schedule automatic birthday greetings, welcome messages, and can be triggered depending on certain keywords (with wildcard support) in various regions of the received email. Your contact once subscribed, can receive a series of automated, engaging messages.

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Create Multiple Autoresponders

  • Multiple autoresponders can be created for contacts after they have been on your list for a certain time, such as 24 hours or 2 weeks.

Filter the Recipient List

  • Multiple autoresponders can be assigned to one list based on custom filters instead of separating contacts across multiple lists.

Open / Link / Unsubscribe Reporting

  • Open rate, bounce report, clicked links, and unsubscribe of your autoresponder email can be seen just like email campaign statistics.

HTML, Text or Both (Multipart)

  • By using the integrated campaign editor, both HTML emails and informative text emails can be created. Your subscriber can choose whether he likes to receive HTML or text email through your multiple autoresponders.

Easily Create Opt-In Forms For Web Site

  • Easily create and integrate custom autoresponder opt-in forms that allow you to collect names, emails and more of people visiting your website, Facebook page or blog.

Personalized Messages

  • This feature provides the ability to capture your visitor's first name, last name and email address and various other information that can be useful for your campaign.
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Advanced Email Marketing

We provide you with everything that you need for your e-mail marketing strategy. You will have everything under control with the help of various tools and features that we offer at a very affordable price. These features are available only for accounts with a paying subscription. If you sign-up for a paid account today, you will get features like social sharing, A/B split testing, inbox preview, autoresponders and triggered emails, advanced segmentation tools, newsletter comments and a full-featured API just to name a few!

Split Testing

  • Unlike other email marketing software which limit you to A/B split testing, you can test unlimited variations in a single split test.


  • Put your follow up tasks on autopilot with triggers. Send birthday and anniversary reminder or promotion emails.

Automatic Event Logging

  • Every time a contact in your list receives and opens an email campaign or autoresponder, or when they click a link in your email, that action is logged automatically under their contact profile.

Manual Event Logging

  • Using the built-in event logging system, you can quickly and easily log events such as phone calls and meetings next to contacts in your list.

Google Calendar Integration

  • Our Email Marketer has full support for your Google Calendar. Easily add follow up reminders to your Google Calendar simply by clicking the "Add to Google Calendar" icon next to any date field when editing a contact's details.

Surveys & Feedback Forms

  • Use the drag & drop editor to quickly create a completely customized survey then link to it in your email or autoresponder.


We move your messages straight from your business to your customer's inboxes almost every time, with the help of our team of delivery specialists and SpamCheck. It is all for nothing if your opt-in recipients do not receive your email, no matter how convincing your offer happens to be. We are continually monitoring and advancing our systems with new technology. We use best practices and ISP relatives to maximize our email campaign consignment rates and to help you maintain an email reputation.

deliverability email feature

Advanced Bounce

  • The ratio of email sent to non-existent addresses is directly affecting your internet message's reputation.

Global Email Address Suppression

  • We mechanically add any received misuse accusation or a spam accusation to our global exile list.

Anti-spam measures

  • Our primary goal is methodical analysis of the potential limitations, advantages, and drawbacks of anti-spam measures.

IP Address Management

  • Alpha Infolab with our own IP locations under administration, to defend our general deliverability.

Optional Dedicated IP Address

  • Customers who want to send adequate capacity and with a verified track record of trusted email marketing, who want to organize their own email's reputation.
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Statistics Reporting

We offer detailed reporting and analysis so you can determine your email campaign's success. You can also explore your campaign's best options with the following features: free email design testing, spam filtering testing, detailed email opens and link clicks, invalid email addresses, spam complaints, web browser views, forwards, and much more. Comprehensive reporting and analytics are provided to help you analyze your contacts and your campaigns. Learn more about your contacts and use that information to help improve your overall marketing.

Email Open Reporting

  • From the statistics tab you can see exactly who opened your email and when. View the data as a visually appealing bar chart or as a data table with more detail.

Link Click Tracking

  • See which links were clicked, by who and when. Your sales team can follow up with leads who have shown interest in your products by clicking a link in your email.

Google Analytics Integration

  • As you are sending an email campaign you can type in your Google Analytics details and a tracking code will be added to all links in your email.

Email Bounce Tracking

  • Bounces are handled for you automatically and you can view reports showing which email addresses bounced.

Unsubscribe Reporting

  • See unsubscribe statistics for each email campaign you send, either for a specific date or over time.

Forward to a Friend

  • See how viral your email campaign really is with complete details of who forwarded your email to a friend and when.

Contact List Management

List management is the key to effective email marketing. Having good management skills with your subscriber lists will result in your email marketing campaigns being successful along with providing a high return on investment. We provide you with all the features needed to manage your lists: list size according to your plan, custom fields, website integration, subscriber segmentation, automatic subscription, bounce management, and much more. Import and collect information on your subscribers by using custom fields. This enables segmentation, campaign targeting and email personalization.

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Full List Management

  • You will always be compliant with spam laws and best practices thanks to automatic handling of opt-ins.

Create Multiple Contact Lists

  • Create as many contact lists as you need, allowing you to group contacts based on type or lead source, such as "newsletter subscribers" and "sales leads".

One-Click Unsubscribe Links

  • Automatic unsubscribe links in your emails give subscribers peace of mind and help you more than comply with CAN-spam laws.

Powerful List Segmentation

  • Filter contacts across multiple lists based on common attributes such as location or interests and send emails to each segment.

Website Signup Forms

  • Easily create customized signup forms with your company's color scheme to add to your website.

Double Opt-In Confirmation

  • Keep your list clean and follow best practices by requiring new subscribers to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify they want to join your list.
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CAN-Spam Compliance

If you’re going to send an email to your customers, CAN-SPAM is a very important law that you need to know about. It governs whether the email you send is considered a legal communication or an illegal piece of unsolicited spam.

One Click Unsubscribes

  • The "Insert Unsubscribe Link" button makes it easy to add an unsubscribe link to your email campaign, which is required by law in most countries.

Double Opt-In Confirmation

  • Keep your list clean and follow best practices by requiring new subscribers to click a link in an email (generated and sent automatically) to verify they want to join your list.

"Do Not Mail" List

  • The built-in email suppression tool allows you to keep lists, a list of contacts who will not be sent your emails under any circumstance.

Automatic Bounce Handling

  • Automatically bounced emails that comprises of both soft and hard are processed and removed from your list for you, meaning your list is always clean.

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Our affordable plans are seamless, easily integrable into your current infrastructure and help you achieve your sales targets.