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The philosophy of GBS Group is "The Truth and Satisfaction"

Fortunately, these two words are the meanings of the names of our honourable chairman and his wife (Satyanarayan and Santosh).

GBS Group belongs to a traditional business family from Rajasthan which strongly believes in religion with positive thinking and no egos. The group is involved into imports and distribution of polymers and chemicals since last 30 years. The respective companies are Alpha Organics, Sigma Organics & Chemicals Pvt. Limited. The group is working in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Orissa. Our headquarters are situated in Indore and branches are in Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar.

The group is also involved into industries such as Information & Technology (Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Limited & Alpha InfoLab, Inc.), Ayurveda Products (Alpha Arogya India Pvt. Limited) and Textiles (Alpha Glamour Pvt. Limited).

Mr. Ajay Goyal, is the Managing Director of GBS Group.

He is an MBA in Marketing and a PhD scholar in Digital Marketing. Mr. Dewang Goyal is the Director. He is a BS in Computer Science.

Mailing and marketing solutions

Alpha InfoLab

Alpha InfoLab Private Limited (ISO 9001-2008 certified) is a global Information technology solutions company Alpha InfoLab, Inc. is an independent company based in Utah, USA. Both companies are working together and caring interests of each other.

Our approach focuses on combining IT innovations and adoption while leveraging an organization’s current assets. Our team is committed to providing quality with the help of latest technologies. With clientele in more than 60 countries, our strong sales and marketing presence across the globe gives us the ability to strengthen existing relationships, build new ones and enter new markets. Our alliance partners provide us an extended reach into markets where we do not have a direct presence.


Our Mission

We are proud of our heritage as part of the GBS Group. Our mission reflects GBS Group's longstanding commitment to providing excellence.

Our mission is to build and maintain healthy platforms that exceed our partner's expectations. We understand the importance of business dealings driven by integrity and respect. We partner with clients who recognize the significance of technology in achieving their business objectives. We bring to the partnership a portfolio of creative designs, highly skilled consultants, and proven approaches to build business critical infrastructures that meet or exceed our client's expectations.

IT Marketing Company
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Our Vision

With the help of continuous R&D, we aim to provide best-of-breed services and products.

We wish to be universally benchmarked as an organization known for customer satisfaction and business operations of the highest integrity, forging an enduring and profitable relationship with stakeholders.