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Latest News of International Conference 2019

IIM Indore Seminar!


We attended a seminar organized by Forstartups and Indian Institute of Management at IIM, Indore on the topic ‘Marketing for Startups’. It was an informative and well organized seminar. There were three speakers, who were experts in their field. The following topics were covered:

Laying the foundation of a startup marketing

Demystifying content marketing for startups

Building marketing organizations that win

We extracted some useful information from their speech and panel discussion with the audience:

Facts cannot change the belief

In text and video contents, there should be emotions in writing

Key words should be properly placed

A properly publicized webinar helps the company a lot in brand building

Pricing is always cost plus and value minus

There is a good market in pay day loan and loan for second hand bikes

One should always place themselves with world leaders, even though they are tiny. They get a boost from it. (Mail Chimp)

If you are going for a startup, keep in mind the success stories of leaders. Zomato etc.

SEMrush Indore Seminar!


Recently there was a seminar conducted by SEMrush. It is a company working in the area of digital marketing. They have developed a tool which helps in analysing a website. Main areas covered are key word research and analysis, traffic analysis and competitors’ analysis. Some of our employees attended the seminar. They explore cutting-edge tools and techniques of SEMrush tool and got the chance to learn through case studies from industry expert’s viz., how to do things and what not to do and build a network with like-minded professionals.

Why this seminar was beneficial for an individual:

We got Industry experts’ knowledge.

It helped the students who want to make their career in digital marketing.

It also provided knowledge to digital marketing professionals, who want to know more about the technical side of the topic and stay up to date on the latest Google updates.

It was beneficial to content writers and bloggers who want to influence customers with their content.

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs who want to drive their marketing strategy and keep their sales pipeline flowing also got benefited.

Key Takeaways from This Session:

Differences between what Google says and what Google does.

SEO tips and tricks for improving organic visibility.

How you can use data to influence search results.

A holistic approach to content marketing.

How to measure your KPIs?

How brands can leverage in large with an evolved content marketing approach?

Strategies, tips and tricks on how to acquire mighty domains at bargain prices.

How to mountain traffic from the expired domains?