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Latest News of International Conference 2019

affiliate marketing summit

The European Summit Affiliate Conferences Prague 2019

The European Summit (TES) is back with the most awaited TES Affiliate Conferences in Prague, Czech Republic from 13th – 16th September 2019. It is the biggest and best Affiliate conferences to attend in 2019.

The European Summit 2019 brings together Affiliates, Media Buyers, Advertisers & Publishers from all over the world to meet under one roof from various industries like online entertainment, e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, health and many others to create a great networking experience.

Alpha InfoLab, Inc. is really excited to participate in the TES Affiliate Conferences Prague 2019 from 13th – 16th September 2019. Meet us at ‘lounge S-2’ to build connections and know more about a ‘Complete IT and Digital Marketing Services’ for your business.

The European Summit Affiliate event is a great opportunity for the company to form lasting networking and inter-personal connections with like-minded companies.

Speaker at TES Conferences 2019: It is very proud moment for Alpha InfoLab, Inc. since the President of the company; Mr. Ajay Goyal will also be gracing the conference as one of the esteemed TES speakers to present a seminar on 14th September 2019 at 11.00 a.m. in the ‘Prague C Seminar Room’ on the trending topic, ‘The Importance of working with IPv6 over IPv4 in Digital Marketing’.

He will be stressing and elaborating his expert views on the following key points at the Prague summit:

  • What is the meaning of IPv4 and IPv6?
  • How does it affect our working?
  • Why one should go for IPv6, urgently?
  • What are the advantages of working with IPv6?
  • What are the security features of IPv6?
  • How can you get benefited while releasing IPv4?
  • Comparison between IPv4 and IPv6

Alpha InfoLab, Inc. wishes Mr. Ajay Goyal and his team a very successful and productive business meet at The European Summit Affiliate Conferences 2019 in Prague.

About Mr. Ajay Goyal #1 speaker at the summit: Mr Ajay Goyal is a visionary entrepreneur who is the President of Alpha InfoLab, Inc., USA, and CEO and Managing Director of Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Limited, India (

Alpha InfoLab, Inc. is an independent company based at Salt Lake City, USA and Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Limited, an associate is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company based in India. 

Under the efficient multi-talented leadership of Mr. Ajay Goyal, Alpha InfoLab, Inc. has spread its roots into many spectrums like:

  • Brahma : Website Design, Development, Management, Social Media Design, Corporate Identity Design etc.
  • Alpha Sandesh : Server space, Server-based service and Bulk Emailing Services.
  • Alpha IRT : Digital Marketing Education.
  • CouponNDeal : Online Shopping Couponing website for US, UK, Australia, India etc.
  • Ealpha : Online Shopping Portal.
  • Alpha Vbox : Virtual Private Server Hosting and Web hosting, Dedicated and Private hosting.
  • Money and Market : Email and Internet Marketing Services for Business Branding and Identity.
  • Dharamraz : Online Casino Reviews.

However, the above services are not limited to these alone.

Mr. Ajay Goyal heads both the companies and have been instrumental in syncing the interests and working of both the companies. Both the companies are leaders in Information Technology Consulting Services and Digital Marketing Services. Some of the major services provided by the companies are Web Designing, Web-Based Software Development, Digital Marketing for all industries, hardware networking and software maintenance.

Our mission is to provide Quality services, business solutions that are compatible across industries and Technology, facilitate business Innovation, and excellent after-care customer and technical Support.

We have clientele in more than 60 countries and have made a mark for our strong sales and marketing presence across the globe giving us the ability to strengthen existing relationships, build new ones and enter new markets.

Our company is officially recognized by APNIC, RIPE, ARIN and LACNIC for being facilitators in the field of IPv4 and IPv6. We help all business sizes in deploying IPv6 on their existing business infrastructure, obtaining its advantages and capture the financial benefit of selling IPv4 in the open market. We Suggest, Deploy IPv6 and Buy back IPv4 as part of our Technical Marketing services.

Being at the forefront of latest technological changes, Alpha InfoLab, Inc., is adaptable and flexible to the requirements of all our clients. It strives to accomplish goals and deliver highest quality services and products to all our clients. Our dedicated representatives are here to provide you with any assistance your business requires, consider contacting us now.

affiliate marketing summit

Digital Marketing Strategy 2019

Digital Marketing has been a driving force in bringing businesses closer to their customers. Digital Marketing is a very wide avenue and really depends what type of Digital Marketing your business has adopted based on your business type and clientele.

To start with Digital Marketing Strategy, it is extremely important to first optimize your website for SEO. It requires a lot of technical knowledge and skill, however if you lack either or both it is best to hire a professional Web Development Company USA.

Now, let’s take a look at some trending Digital Marketing strategies your business will benefit from in 2019:

Digital Marketing Campaign compatible with Smart Speakers : Your customer in the US is an elderly who extensively uses a smart speaker like Alexa or Google Assistant for everything from video calling, reading mails, access social media accounts and create and post messages etc. A forward-thinking business can cease this opportunity to reach such customers. For example, if you are an e-commerce website who can create and send campaigns for emails, social media etc. Targeting your ideal customer with a campaign that is compatible with smart speakers will create a different genre of clients.

Story-Telling Social Media Marketing : This is another trend which is fast catching up. Businesses who have adopted the story-based campaigns on Social Media platforms have found huge success. One of the best examples of using story-telling to market using YouTube is Nike with the tag line ‘Nothing Beats a Londoner’ where athletes, performers, social influencers and celebrities took turns to tell their unique story about training. For this exceptional idea, Nike also won the Top Cannes Lions Award in the Social & Influencer category. Story-telling Marketing is here to stay and it is high time businesses start adopting it.

Instagram Marketing Strategy : Everyone loves pictures and the best place to share them is Instagram. If you are a restaurant or a Photography studio, then this platform is your best bet to share attractive photos related to your business on your Instagram account. The best part is that you can build followers who really love the pictures you post and help share them in their friend’s circle, in turn increasing your business sales. This is how to grow Instagram followers organically

Point to be noted here is to create an effective Social Media Strategy that is easily customizable according to the different social media platforms.

For personalized Digital Marketing Solutions that will make your business more visible, increased client engagement and focus on customer delight, get in touch with Alpha InfoLab now.

Performer of the Month

Performer of the Month

Congratulations to Anand Prajapat who earned the “Performer of the Month” for the month of July 2019 for being the top revenue grosser for Alpha InfoLab’s coupons and deals site CouponNDeal US. Well Done!!!! and we hope that he inspires others too. Alpha InfoLab rewards top performers every month with a specially-baked cookie box and bouquet to encourage and appreciate their hard work and efforts.

affiliate marketing summit

Social Media Kings and Queen of Alpha InfoLab

Congratulations to Alpha InfoLab’s very own Social Media Kings Mr. Nitin Kaul and Mr. Ajay Sharma and Queen Miss. Riya Bajaj who garnered a fair bit of limelight on the following social media sites list, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, practically showing the importance of social media.

They shared a candid picture of themselves in the monsoon challenge event - #paisonkibaarishevent which showed that they are up for any challenge and also had effectively used their personal social media branding to earn more popularity.

These three had used social media marketing strategy efficiently. The Facebook engagement, Instagram connections and LinkedIn networks were well utilized keeping in mind the social media advantages and within a fortnight received lots of likes, comments and views.

Mr. Nitin Kaul, Mr. Ajay Sharma and Miss Riya Bajaj were acknowledged by Alpha InfoLab for their new-found social media limelight on 23rd July 2019 with a gift from Alpha InfoLab.

In the challenge, Miss Riya Bajaj stood 1st and received a trendy Wireless Headphone, Mr. Nitin Kaul was 2nd and received a latest headphone and Mr. Ajay Sharma stood 3rd and received a branded headphone from the company.

Receiving the gifts all three were elated. Most importantly, they shared that they whole-heartedly participated in the challenge with a goal to get maximum number of likes, views and shares on social media platforms.

This shows that they truly enjoyed the attention they received and are very optimist on winning more such challenges in the future which Alpha InfoLab conducts every month with some amazing prizes to win.

Hats off to all three for participating and to Alpha InfoLab for regularly conducting such exciting events and challenges for all its employees.

Want to know how to get more likes on Facebook posts, how to increase Twitter followers, and other social media platforms, get in touch with social media experts of Alpha InfoLab now.

An Evening of Team Achievement

As we know, nobody can achieve success alone. In a gathering of individuals, there are various aptitudes from each individuals, numerous astute personalities and minds working. At the point when colleagues cooperate as a group, they can become familiar with the abilities and capacities of one another and advance their insight. Coordinating on a task is an open door for new specialists to gain from increasingly experienced employess. Groups frequently comprise of individuals who contrast from each other as far as aptitudes or abilities. Cooperating is an extraordinary chance to obtain abilities that a worker never had in advance. In contrast to working alone on an undertaking, cooperation manages individuals the chance to challenge the thoughts of each and think of a trade off arrangement that adds to the effective finishing of the assignment. In the dialog, questions might be addressed all the more rapidly and ideas all the more quickly comprehended. Also, the gathering may stay away from specific mix-ups, which improves the proficiency and notoriety of the group. In Alpha Infolab family,the representatives become progressively learned, their certainty and disposition improves, as carries out their responsibility satisfacation. The representatives additionally may come to concentrate les on the neagtives of work and more on work results.

Alpha InfoLab gives awards and rewards on a regular basis to deserving employees to motivate them by creating an atmosphere of healthy competition. Gradually, this platform allows us to participate in every event to explore our skills and talent. Our incentives remunerate specialists for execution and profitability through cash. These motivating forces incorporate worker investment opportunities, benefit sharing plans, paid downtime, rewards and money grants. Extra money related motivating forces incorporate yearly or semi-yearly rewards, for example, mid-year and end-of-year rewards. These motivating forces energize amicable challenge between partners when connected to work execution. Fiscal prizes inspire workers to create ideally.

Our major aspect is “Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean”

affiliate marketing summit

Internship in Digital Marketing

Purvi Thomare has successfully completed Internship in Digital Marketing at Alpha IRT. She enjoyed on-job training, acquired soft-skills and gained Digital Marketing experience. Alpha IRT wishes Purvi Thomare all the very best for her future career prospects and for her job search as a Digital Marketer. We wish Purvi a brilliant future.

affiliate marketing summit

Foundation Course in Digital Marketing

Alpha IRT congratulates its student Bhanu Pratap Singh for successfully completing Foundation Course in Digital Marketing. Bhanu has been placed in Alpha Infolab Pvt. Ltd as an Executive Digital Marketer. He has been able to practically apply all the Digital and Internet Marketing knowledge, concepts and nuances he learnt at Alpha IRT. Like Bhanu, Alpha IRT prepares every student for a bright career in Digital Marketing

European Affiliate Marketing Conference

IIM Indore Seminar!

We attended a seminar organized by Forstartups and Indian Institute of Management at IIM, Indore on the topic ‘Marketing for Startups’. It was an informative and well organized seminar. There were three speakers, who were experts in their field. The following topics were covered:

Laying the foundation of a startup marketing

Demystifying content marketing for startups

Building marketing organizations that win

We extracted some useful information from their speech and panel discussion with the audience:

Facts cannot change the belief

In text and video contents, there should be emotions in writing

Key words should be properly placed

A properly publicized webinar helps the company a lot in brand building

Pricing is always cost plus and value minus

There is a good market in pay day loan and loan for second hand bikes

One should always place themselves with world leaders, even though they are tiny. They get a boost from it. (Mail Chimp)

If you are going for a startup, keep in mind the success stories of leaders. Zomato etc.