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Micro Sites

A MicroSite is a single stand website or a limited web pages website; it has a different domain name than its parent website. It can be used to spread special information, services, and products. It can be used as a marketing tool. With the help, micro websites organizations can communicate with their potential customers in an effective manner.


Microsites are very useful in mass email marketing campaigns, polls, and in affiliate marketing. As it helps in announcing about products, services in their consumers.

As we know the online competition is growing, and the organizations need different marketing tools to win the race. It started with an online presence and online reputation optimization; in this way, micro websites are one of the best tools to lead the race.

As we know major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing provide preferences to those websites who have a singularity. The search engines have a better view on websites with a single product review or definition than a website with the bunch of products. A website with a single subject line and definition provides better results on search engines.

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