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Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity is very essential for any company’s reputation. Actually, it delivers the methods and procedures, thoughts and aspects that any organization realizes. It spreads light on a company’s philosophy. It depicts the guidelines any organization follows. It proclaims the work culture you develop. It differentiates a company from its opponents.

What do we provide in a Corporate Identity Package?

Company Logo

A company logo is a representation or an explicit mark, which a company uses for public acknowledgment. An attractive logo should include a well planned and significant graphic mark and company name for better acknowledgment.

Booklet Or Brochure

A brochure or booklet signifies your business in front of a lot of people. Thus, it should be designed efficiently in order to deliver the right message to its visitors. A brochure should convey a positive message to the people. It should merge the exact amount of text, colors and graphics with the proper layout to make it comprehensible to the people. It should be useful enough to catch the viewer’s interest.

Your brochure should be exquisitely informative. Your prospective customer is keen to know what you offer, how you can fulfill their requirements; your brochure should include all the required information related to these issues. All the significant information like the company profile, contact details, products and services should be evidently noticeable.

Visiting Card

A business card includes the business information about you and your organization. It acts as a small resume. They can be distributed to useful and important business connections during an official or casual conversation.


A Letterhead is a permissible certificate of your organization. It is used for business communication. A carefully designed letterhead makes the difference to any business offer. It represents the authenticity and distinction of the company.

Corporate Enclosure

A Corporate envelope or enclosure is a packaging article. The file of business communication is kept inside it. Your corporate enclosure creates the primary impression in any business offer in front of the client.

Flyers or Leaflets

A leaflet or flyer is a prevailing distribution material, which represents your business interest. It is delivered to the public in various public areas. Eating places, shopping stores, coffee shops, etc., are suitable public places for such kinds of things which is done mostly by hand. A well-created leaflet holds the significant information and the contact details of the company.


In the extras we provide Calendars, Stickers, Collateral, Invitations, Posters, CD tags, etc. Designing corporate identity is Alpha InfoLab’s specialty. The Corporate identity designed by Alpha InfoLab delivers the clear message of the company.

For all your corporate identity requirements, feel free to contact us.