Which one is better Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting?

Have you been shopping for hosting services for your company? Are you confused between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting for your website, email accounts?

Alpha VBox has attempted to simplify your problem by highlighting important points like security, costing, robustness or stability, etc. that may decipher the best type of hosting.

Do I have to use the same hosting as the operating system on my company’s PCs?

Whether you have a Windows or Linux operating system on your PC, it doesn’t matter which hosting you opt for, Linux or Windows. Your company PCs can have Windows OS and host on Linux. It works perfectly well.

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Difference Between Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting

1. Stability

When you look at stability, linux hosting servers are more robust and stable than windows servers, rarely need rebooting and this is widely advocated as the best hosting by server administrators, web designers, etc. worldwide.

2. Security

Linux Hosting tends to be very secure unlike windows hosting. Which suffers from frequent hacking related problems like malware, ransomware, etc. The most recent ransomware is Robbin hood that targeted companies with encrypted files in June 2019. The targeted companies were hosted on a windows server.

3. Costing

Why is Linux Hosting cheaper than Windows Hosting? Windows hosting is an expensive affair with frequent hardware updates, software licenses, its kernel, and software, etc., whereas Linux hosting is cost-effective since it uses its kernel with other software components that are free and are open-source.

4. Configurations

With linux shared hosting, there are automatic configurations, customizations, and updates that are hassle-free for beginners. And also for those who do not have much knowledge, especially you have a blog, etc.

5. Uptime

Uptime for linux hosting servers is much better than windows.

6. Operating System

Linux hosting servers largely use the unix-operating system which is agile and scalable. Allowing only administrators to again accessibility to prime directories and applications. Whereas, in Windows OS, anyone other than administrators can gain accessibility and are in danger of falling prey to hacking attacks.

7. Support languages

Linux supports a wider range and latest programming languages like JAVA, Python, PHP, Kotlin, Shell, C++, etc. and has great community support, unlike windows that supports very few languages.

8. Tools and Control Panel

With linux hosting, you use cPanel which allows users to install applications like drupal, joomla, wordpress, etc. That makes sure an amateur can also create websites, etc. using linux tools. And the user gets full root access, unlike in windows hosting.

9. Knowledge

To get linux hosting is one thing and to maintain it is a different game. However, managing windows server is easy for any server administrator. To manage linux hosting servers one needs to have thorough knowledge. You must know about Linux OS, drivers, applications, etc. hence require an experienced server administrator. Want Alpha VBox to provide and manage your linux server hosting, speak to our server experts now.

10. Technical Support

Linux hosting has more advanced technical support in terms of handling mass website traffic, emails, etc. It makes users leaning more towards it rather than towards windows.

Hence, linux hosting whether it is VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Dedicated Server is the best choice one can make when hunting for robust hosting servers online.

Browse through Alpha VBox’s website’s various linux hosting or if you are not sure between linux hosting vs windows hosting, or which one works better for your company, connect with us now so that our server experts can provide you with a customized solution for your current and future requirements.


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