Which is the Best Bulk Mailing Software?

How many times have you heard Email Marketers giving advice on the importance of email marketing and building emails systematically and strategically? But email marketers fail to share the significance of choosing the best bulk mailing Software and hiring good bulk email marketing services.


best bulk mailing software

best bulk mailing software

There are tremendous advantages of going with Alpha Sandesh, a leading 

bulk email service providers in the USA or any country for that matter. Some of the all-in-one rewards of Alpha Sandesh are:

  1. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Services especially to make sure the bulk emails you send reach the recipient’s inbox or have high deliverability of emails and do not end up in the Spam folder. 

  2. Best bulk email sending software (scroll down to know more) which has in-built templates to create beautiful looking email campaigns, it helps email automation to make your communication with your recipients quicker and seamless. 

  3. Helpful Customer Support makes sure all issues or queries are promptly solved. 

What if you already have an SMTP server and are only looking for the best free or paid email marketing software? What is the most sort after email platform features you must look for? How to do email marketing with a robust Email Marketing software? 

Before we at Alpha InfoLab (Best Bulk Email Marketing Company) launched our own bulk email service in the USA (Alpha Sandesh), we had tried and tested many free mass email services as well as paid ones but faced many issues like low deliverability, low security and low-quality emails. Hence, our in-house web-based email marketing software, Garuda Intelligent Mailer came into being. 

Some star features of a good Email Mailing List and Marketing Software like Garuda are:

  1. Intelligent selection and omission of SMTP of a domain if the email bounce rate is high from a particular domain. 

  2. Automatic Domain Management for smooth email delivery of your campaign.

  3. Domain Throttling can be put in place by a user for certain domains to improve deliverability and avoid being blocked. 

  4. Clever list segmentation to bring efficiency and purposeful real-time reporting of email campaigns in open rates, click-through, sales increase and more. 

  5. Superb Contact List Management resulting in high ROI

  6. Manage multiple Contact Lists efficiently. 

  7. Build high-conversion creative email campaigns with advanced formatting features in HTML editor.

  8. Automatic FBL (Feedback Loop) and processing of bounces.

  9. Automated Trigger emails so that you are in touch with your recipients especially on their special days like birthdays, etc. for best email results.

  10. Active Autoresponder so that you make multiple email campaigns based on the recipient’s interests, social media footprint, website visits, website page clicks and more. 

  11. Scans every email for Spam keywords in the subject line and the email body, so that your emails reach the inbox. 

  12. 24×7 dedicated Customer Support assistants for any technical issues faced by users. 

Alpha Sandesh believes in simplifying your email marketing process along with helping you promote your services and products efficiently with high accuracy. You can send unlimited bulk email using our free mass email service with unlimited access to our exclusive features in free starter plan. Have more questions? Feel free to connect and know more about our services

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