Whats The Difference Between Rotating Proxies And Specific Sneaker Site Proxies?

There are many proxy servers that businesses use as a gateway between your server and the internet. There are many ways a proxy server helps in many ways, like acting as a firewall and web filter. Many companies use a proxy server to enhance their security and network performances. Many people also use sneaker and server proxies to protect their identity and privacy when shopping for limited edition things online. The best part is that one can set up proxies, in any location, physical or cloud. Difference Between Rotating And Specific Sneaker Site Proxies is that, both can let you use multiple IP addresses so you appear as multiple people.

How does proxy work? 


For example, when a shopper wants their identity to be private, uses a proxy, so they want to buy the limited edition of Nike sneakers, then they may use cheap sneaker proxies. The request of the buyer reaches Nike’s server as if 9-10 people are trying to buy the sneakers from 9-10 different IPs. Nike’s server is misled, by the proxy. Many people may use sneaker proxy generator

Difference Between Rotating And Specific Sneaker Site Proxies

Difference Between Rotating And Specific Sneaker Site Proxies

There are many types of proxies, but the ones we are talking about the difference between rotating proxies and specific sneaker site proxies.

  1. Rotating proxies are generated by, a proxy server and a new proxy IP address is assigned, for every connection and, every time there is a request made by you to the destination server and, then the IP addresses are rotated inside the IP pool. Whereas a specific sneaker site proxies are specifically, meant specific sites like Sneaker sites, example Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. 
  2. Rotating Sneaker proxies are generally residential proxies which many professionals have also been found to be using, as they are less likely to be detected and blocked due to their rotating nature. Whereas, dedicated proxies for sneakers, tend to be faster, but very likely to be detected and banned by sneaker sites. 
  3. Rotating proxies are ideal if a business has data scattered all around the world whereas, sneaker bot proxies used to target a specific site. 
  4. Rotating proxies mask the identity of the original IP address and can reach a broad spectrum of locations, whereas cheap proxies for sneakers appear to be requested, from genuine buyers. 
  5. Rotating proxies are used in data scraping from global locations. Sneaker proxies are normally used in copping sneakers.


Which is better Rotating Proxies or Sneaker Proxies?


Both do their job and are really for different purposes. It depends what kind of work you want your proxy to do if it is for data scraping then rotating proxies are ideal, and if it is to cop specific limited-edition sneakers, then sneaker proxies are complete. 

Where can I buy the best proxies for sneaker bots?

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