What software is needed for sending massive emails? How to send bulk mails?

Do you have a decent customer base? Have you thought about expanding your business? Email Marketing is one of the best and cost-effective ways to reach your choice of audience. Studies show, 6 out of 10 businesses think about expanding, and we are not talking about big multi-nationals here, we are talking about small to medium businesses or entrepreneurs or startups.

It is advisable for businesses to hire services of trusted Bulk Email Service Provider so that they are sure the solution provided to them is reliable and viable and meet their business requirements.

Email marketing benefits:

Email Marketing is very helpful for businesses in the following ways:

  • To send targeted emails in bulk

  • ROI is nearly 4400%

  • More chances of getting leads through Email Marketing

  • More and more people use their mobiles these days to check emails, so having your emails responsive is a good idea to target mobile users

  • Email marketing helps in taking your sales quotient high

  • Better lead numbers

  • Easy lead conversion

  • Better and continuous communication lines between your business and your customer

  • Great to promote new products and services

  • Creates a brand identity and awareness

How to send bulk emails?

There are two ways you can send bulk emails:

Make sure your email campaigns are automated based on:

  1. Design beautiful responsive emails, with an action button to forward the emails and contact information below so that if your recipient has queries, they can contact your business.

  2. Trigger behaviors of recipients – shopping cart abandonment, email open but fail to go to the website landing page, etc.

  3. Scheduled Emails: Emails, when scheduled using an auto responder feature, makes sure your campaigns run on time and are not delayed

  4. Trigger events: Sending trigger emails on birthdays, anniversaries, after a customer buys a product or service, etc.

  5. Organized campaigns: You benefit from having an organized list of campaigns

  6. Analytics and Reporting: With Marketing automation software, you can also enjoy analytics reports of your email campaigns, keep campaigns that bring traffic and abandon those which do fetch leads.

  7. Management of multiple contact lists for the purpose of sending targeted emails

  • Hire the best bulk email service:

When you hire an email service provider, you can be sure the following features are met:

  1. Bulk emails get delivered since SMTP service is robust and safe

  2. Track emails for bounce rate or unsubscribe rate or link clicking

  3. Manage IP addresses

  4. Can get unique dedicated IPs

  5. Double Opt-in Confirmation

  6. Automatic bounce handling

  7. Emails are CAN-SPAM complaint

  8. Email Suppression tool to segment list of contacts who do not want to receive your emails

  9. Handle soft and hard email bounce

Now that you know the super benefits of Email Marketing, it is really important you take advantage of these awesome features to reach the target audience, convert leads and increase ROI.

Speak to Email Marketing experts now for a comprehensive and customized solution for your business requirements.

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