The Most Effective Cold Email Marketing Strategies

When a Digital Marketer is asked about Cold Emails, they usually don’t want to go anywhere near it. But, when you know how to efficiently use cold emails, then they are the most effective tools to increase your sales and maximize revenue.

What Is The Most Effective Cold Email Marketing Strategy?

According to a study done by Alpha Sandesh, cold emails sent to highly busy business executives, have an average between 14% to 25% email open rate. Alpha Sandesh is a bulk email service provider in the USA and an expert in cold email marketing services in 2020 and also provider of best bulk email sending software. The best bulk email marketing software will equip your business with advanced bulk email marketing tools.

But, first let us understand, what is a cold email?

A cold email is one that is sent to contacts who have not subscribed to your emails yet. However, if you cold email is created with utmost care then it is very likely that your emails get opened and are also clicked through too.


What Is The Most Effective Cold Email Marketing Strategy?

What Is The Most Effective Cold Email Marketing Strategy?

What’s the most effective cold email marketing strategy?


There is not just one, but there are many cold marketing strategies that your business can use. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Make a list of cold email contact and segment them

  2. Segmentation is very important since every segment has unique email content.

  3. Segmentation can happen according to the domain name of their email address or location or gender or interest they had shown at a conference or based on their interests shown on their social media platforms.

  4. Make sure you apply spam filters in your email to avoid or remove spam words, this gives your email a better chance of reaching the recipient’s Inbox folder, instead of the Spam Folder. This increases the Email deliverability rate.

  5. Make sure you use a tool to create a suppress list, that way you will not send your cold emails to them.

  6. Always add a subscribe link and an unsubscribe link, so that you comply with CAN SPAM Act.

  7. Your emails have a double opt-in confirmation, this helps your list to be clean, up to date and you also comply with CAN-SPAM Act.

  8. Cold emails can easily be scaled up or down based on the strategy you are applying


There are some important things one needs to keep in mind before you start with cold emails like:

  1. Cold emails must be essentially used to build your email list

  2. They can be additionally used apart from your regular email marketing strategies

  3. Cold emails are more effective when they are for targeted contacts

  4. They are effective when emails have statistics related to business or industry

  5. Your cold email content must be well researched so that it shows value to your readers

  6. Emails must include relevant information, other as we know, irrelevant email content will end up in the spam folder

  7. Including the right information is crucial to get your recipient’s attention. If you add real-time news or facts, your content looks more up-to-date

  8. Including images or graphs or videos also will have a big impact on increasing click-through rates.

  9. Make sure your subject line is professional as well as gives a gist about what lies inside the email. Avoid using spam words in it and also cheesy words or unwanted words like RE, URGENT, FWD, etc.

  10. Keep in mind to make the email content as short as possible. Long boring emails are a big no. Everyone is busy, so keeping your email concise, with the right images or a customized video or bullet points will keep the email interesting.

  11. Include the links to your social media pages on platforms where your presence is seen. This shows that you are a good brand, have followers, and have goodwill in the industry.

  12. Another important point you can add in your cold email is to encourage your recipient to subscribe to your emails

  13. Secondly, also encourage your recipient to forward your email to their contacts who would benefit from your services or products. 

  14. Thirdly, ask them to follow your Company pages on platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn and others.

  15. Include a call-to-action link, so that your recipients can click through and visit your website or any other landing page you want them to visit.

  16. Following up is also important, but make sure not to keep sending emails as they will end up annoying your recipient and your effort is useless. 


There is a very thin line between spamming and cold emailing, so make sure you do the necessary homework before you start sending cold emails because your reputation is very important. Using the best cold email marketing services of Alpha Sandesh, one can build an effective cold email marketing strategy.

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