The Best way to selling Cloud Backup to your clients

Cloud data backup is very common these days, from your email account to your business data. Cloud backup provides an enormous amount of savings to a business, provides more server power, reduce IT infrastructure costs, less manageable and maintainable and easily scalable.   


Cloud Backup


Data backup comes in various forms like image backup, document backup, online backup, etc. So, to be able to provide a service which is apart from others, it is very important that you understand the exact needs of your clients. 


So, to successfully provide your customer with a cloud hosting solution, highlight the best features of your service, like: 


Server  and Data Center Location: 


With ‘n’ number of companies selling backup and cloud security, it can be difficult to convince customers on why your service stands apart from others. But there is a way around it. Yes, most cloud backup services provide the same features like yours, but what sets you apart is your main server locations. Your physical server location where the clouds sit on are secure, safe and robust. When you sell the value of the cloud, also sell the value of your physical locations. (Like Alpha VBox has physical servers and Data centers in India and USA). 


Provide the right solutions:

When business customers are looking for managed cloud hosting servicesthey are also mostly looking for a medium or long-term solution, so you do not necessarily have to sell the most expensive cloud server hosting plansrather focus on each client’s requirements and accordingly meet their needs. If a customer wants a cloud server hosting medium-term, you cannot hand them over a long-term hosting that is going over their budget. Your focus must be to sell to the right customers and sell to the right needs. 


Your sales team has targets, we get it, but when you shift your focus from achieving your business target to providing the right cloud Backup solutions to clients, you build a bond of trust and score in customer delight. 


As a business you must create solutions and packages with specific needs of customers. So plans must be crafted according to popular demand like cloud website hosting, cloud VPS web hosting, cloud storage server, combo plans that give you the flexibility to customize solutions according to the needs of a customer. 


Offer varied Cloud Backup services:


Microsoft’s Linux cloud server plans are very popular and widely chosen across industries and the globe. So, having competitive Linux cloud server hosting price will make sure your customers stay with you. However, there are many other popular server cloud backup services from AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud etc. So, providing varied and best cloud hosting options for medium to long term clients will give your business a plus point. 


Hence, when you want to become one of the reputed and best cloud hosting providers for medium, small and big business customers, make sure your plans are craved to meet the needs of all, yet making sure you customize the cloud hosting services. 


Get a customised, flexible and cost effective Cloud Hosting Plan for your business or your client today from Alpha Vbox.

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