What is Dynamic Drip Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Automation is good, but for a business to truly find long-term leads, to create a bonding and long-lasting relationship with your email contacts, a different and desirable marketing strategy like running a Drip Email campaign will benefit your marketing efforts.

What is a drip campaign?

Drip campaigns in marketing are where emails are slowly trickled to new contacts or subscribers in a way that the contacts are strategically sent target emails based on their interests, real-time activities and behaviours. Drip email marketing can work well with automation and email segmenting and makes it more effective. 

Drip marketing can work wonders for your email marketing campaign since the emails are personalized, providing right timely information about your products, services, promotions, sales etc. to the right person. To be able to understand the importance of this task a business needs to use Drip campaign tools and also look and learn from some really good Drip campaign examples

For a Drip email campaign to really show results, using a bulk email sending service provider like Alpha Sandesh will go a long way, since it provides one of the best Bulk Email Service in USA.

Advantages of sending Drip Email using Alpha Sandesh:

  1. Right and smaller segmentation: Placing your contacts in the right segment based on country or region or gender or interests will really help your campaigns. Creating several small segmentations allow you to run the campaign effectively.

  2. Targeted segmentation: Targeted Segmentation gives you 10 times more chances of getting leads. 

  3. Personalized emails: With drip campaigns, sending personalized emails help build a bond with your recipients.

  4. Strategic Link Placement: Strategically place links in your email content or on images or call to action button to make sure that the recipients click through to go to the landing page. 

  5. Create custom landing pages: Landing pages for your campaigns is very important. If you do not want your recipient to go to the home page or any other page of your website, then creating separate customized landing pages for each segment gives you better conversions.

  6. Review your drip campaign: Reviewing your drip campaign lets you understand the number of click-throughs, click open rates, deliverability rate and more. Having good software that has integration with Google Analytics for statistics and monitoring will help you analyze your campaigns. 

  7. Non-opt-in contacts: You could consider approaching non-opt-in contacts in a subtle manner, adhering to CAN-SPAM Act. But, how can you do that? Creating emails to promote products, services, information about upcoming events or sales or promotions must be relevant, to the point, targeted and such that they add value to the recipient’s current situation and are not spam. For the best non-opt-in email marketing services speak to experts at Alpha Sandesh today. 

Implementing Drip Marketing requires expertise and knowledge about the recipients. How well do you know the recipients? If you know them well, their social media interests, etc. you will be in a better position to approach them with a marketing mail. 

The best part about a reputed Service Provider for Mass Mailing is that they provide you with a dedicated IP and an SMTP server so that your emails are streamlined to reach the recipient’s inbox. For more information on drip marketing or any other aspect of email marketing, 
please feel free to connect with specialists at Alpha Sandesh for a customized plan

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