VPS Web Hosting 
 is something not all may think about going with due to many reasons. But all in all, if you are website owner and traffic to your site has been tremendously been increasing and you have upgraded from working alone to hiring a few more people then it is time you go shopping for some good Virtual Private Hosting Plans


VPS Hosting

Who uses VPS Hosting 

Any business with a low-budget, a website, yet do not want to compromise on a secure hosting platform would require VPS Hosting.  Hence, a little help from the experts will lead you to the right plan. To make sure you choose a right VPS Hosting for your business, Alpha VBox have listed the various Advantages and Disadvantages of VPS Hosting:


Pros of VPS Hosting

  1. Low Pricing: Enjoy low pricing with the best features and tools like a Dedicated server hosting, only that you pay less. 
  2. Easy and quick Setup: The setup is very easy and can be done by our experts quickly so that your customers can start enjoy your website in no time.
  3. Foundation of Powerful Servers: Your website is hosted on our powerful servers making sure your website offers uninterrupted service to your clients. 
  4. Exclusive Root Access: You enjoy full and exclusive root access, giving you the advantage to have complete control and host multiple websites on the server. 
  5. Secure: Since our servers are well protected, your business network and website are safe from any kind of malware or kicker attacks. 

Cons of VPS Hosting: 

  1. Limited Resources: To overcome this problem, a Linux Reseller Hosting is a good option giving you the best features and tools of Linux. If you are lenient with your budget then a Dedicated Server is also a good option, giving you lots of advantages over VPS Hosting. 
  2. Slower server: If your business website gets a huge traffic, especially if you run a forum site, then going with a KVM VPS Hosting is much better, here you will enjoy dedicated resources and are unaffected by others on your server. 
  3. Requires Network knowledge: When experts and specialist of Alpha VBox are here, you do not have to worry about managing your website and server. We take of everything so that your website enjoys 100% uptime. 


Since the benefits of VPS Hosting overshadow the cons, the cons can still be overcome by choosing a Dedicated Server, especially If your business requirements are such. 


With Alpha VBox you can leave everything to us from virtual private server hosting and
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