With the popularity of growing online presence, attracting, engaging with customers is very important. Businesses will be handicapped without a professional Managed Services Company that will take care of their entire IT related infrastructure.

Top managed service providers like Alpha InfoLab, Inc. are well equipped with specialists and experts in the field of managing daily and contractual IT-related projects of any business size.

What are managed services?

Here we are specifically addressing the query “what is managed IT services?

We can simply define Managed IT services as, to outsource business day-to-day IT functions and complex tasks to a specialized and professional company in order to cut operating costs, maintain and improve services provided to the end-user.

Types of managed services:

There are various types of managed services, and some of them are listed below:

  • Network and IT infrastructure Monitoring 

Monitoring network 24/7 and monitoring the IT infrastructure forming backbone support for a business. This may include web hosting services, backup of business data, network connections like LAN, WAN etc. Managed services make sure your business is running smoothly 365 days a year without any interruptions.

  • Server Security and support 

Remote server security and support keep confidential business company information and website data secure. Constant server monitoring keeps your network and website safe from malware, ransomware and hacker attacks. Regular and automatic backups and updates are extremely significant and valuable for the smooth running of a company website and the company itself.

  • IP and communication 

This type of managed services includes communication services within an organization, like VOIP (Voice over protocol), etc. Since, 24/7 communication is utterly important for a business, this type of service requires a specialist company with a proven track record of addressing any kind of IP related issues.

  • Web and App development 

Companies that provide web and app development managed services to make sure your business model is followed to a tee and portrays your business to their clients in a professional manner. Website development, application development, etc. are primary functions for a business in this day and age, hence having specialists deal with all the nitty-gritty of setting up a website, maintaining it is a wise decision for any business size, especially start-ups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  • Digital Marketing 

It is vital that once you have your website setup, promoting and doing advertising bouts for your website for brand awareness, visibility, and increasing customer numbers is a crucial stage for any business. The managed services of such kind include social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, etc.

Benefits of managed IT services:

Managed IT services have many benefits, some of them are:

  • Fixed costs:

When you have a company manage your IT services, you will have only fixed cost to pay, for any type of attacks like malware or hacker, etc. the managed provider is responsible to make sure that your business and website are back on.

  • Quick remedial actions:

Since, professionals take care of your IT services, in case of any untoward incident, they will take the required remedial actions to restore your business to the original position.

  • Services are proactive:

Proactive services make sure there is always monitoring and managing of your business network and website, there are frequent updates and regular backups, making sure your business is always safe.

Apart from the above features and benefits, managed IT services also empowers businesses to function in a smooth manner. You can concentrate on growing your business and attracting more customers, instead of worrying about mundane everyday tasks.

Speak to Alpha InfoLab Inc’s experts now about our Managed IT services and get a comprehensive solution that fits your business requirements.


  1. A good explanation of what is becoming a more and more popular choice for many organisations. For SME’s this may be the only option to ensure they cover all of the bases. For larger organisations it removes the hassle of keeping current and legitimate which can be extremely time consuming and costly.

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