Why Email Marketing is Must for Small Business?

You have a  business email account, but you are not using it appropriately. It could be that you are pre-occupied with other stuff so much that you are unable to pay much attention to business emails or Email Marketing or it could be that you do not know where to start or how to move there?

Bulk email marketing companies are your best bet. They provide advanced tools to help you carve an Email Marketing Strategy that works best for your products and services.

Choosing a reputed Bulk Email Service Provider in the USA could be another time-consuming task, to make your search easy, Alpha Sandesh (Alpha InfoLab’s Email Marketing Initiative) brings to its in-house Best Bulk Email Software, Garuda.

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For you to thoroughly enjoy success with bulk email marketing, it is vital that your email marketing foundation must be solid, meaning a robust SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) that is meant to send and receive bulk emails. It is the backbone of email marketing. With Alpha Sandesh, you get a dedicated SMTP server with dedicated IPs, Excellent Customer Support and many advanced tools. 

Take a look at some star services of Alpha Sandesh Mass email service provider:

  1. Built-in SMTP Server – Sending bulk marketing and promotional emails are much easier. 

  1. Beautiful HTML Email Templates – You can create and design beautiful email campaigns with free HTML templates and personalize and make them look attractive using your own creativity. 

  1. Segmented Contact Lists – Segmenting your email contacts based on your products and services is something of important work. For example, you run a small birthday party events company, segmenting your list to include parents and grandparents would be a better idea rather than include someone who doesn’t have kids. 

  1. Subject Rotation – Subject in your email must be acceptable and not sound to sales. Subject rotation will keep your campaigns feel fresh. Even you can check for spam words in the subject line.

  1. Monitor your Email Campaigns – After creating Email Campaigns you can test them too by sending them to a few contacts to see which campaign gets more clicks, open rates, click-through rates etc. Monitoring all this data helps you to decide which campaign will be successful and which needs tweaking. 

  1. Engaging Autoresponder and Trigger Emails – You can also create an autoresponder and trigger emails for certain actions performed by the visitors or on occasions like Birthdays or ‘This time last year’ emails etc.

    For example, when a customer browses on your website, subscribes for your emails but doesn’t buy your products, or if they added item in the cart but did not check out, then sending a cart abandonment trigger email will get them to notice you that you care and pay attention to them. The purpose of these emails is to generate interest in your brand, engage with the visitor and motivate them to buy your products.

  1. Monitoring and Reporting – Like any other part of your business constant monitoring and reporting is a crucial part of Email Marketing too. In conjunction with in-built monitoring tools, you can also integrate Google Analytics. 

  1. Improve Email Deliverability – Email deliverability is something that makes or breaks an email campaign. Your SMTP server and your subject line go hand in hand to make sure your emails get delivered to your recipient’s inbox. 

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What is Alpha Sandesh?

Alpha Sandesh is your one-stop Bulk Email Solution that takes care of everything. It ensures your needs in order to connect with your potential customers and helping them buy your products. Alpha Sandesh’s increases your sales. Email Marketing for Small Business owners is easier and profitable with Alpha Sandesh.

How Alpha Sandesh can help you?

Alpha Sandesh helps small businesses with email marketing from the time. It helps to create emails to every step of the way and throughout the email campaign journey, getting leads and making sales. It will become an integral part of your existing marketing plans. Alpha Sandesh is flexible to fit into your future plans as well. 

Blow a life of fresh email into your stagnant marketing efforts with Alpha Sandesh. 

How can you hire Alpha Sandesh?

Speak to our experts for Bulk email solutions that are customizable and scalable to fit your business size.

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