Top 10 reasons email marketing is key to your marketing strategy

As a Digital Marketing Manager or a business owner your Business Strategy for Marketing your products and services is to first grow customer numbers and then increase sales.

To effectively achieve growing customer base and increased sales, you must have a smart, robust and best digital platform for promotion i.e., an Email Marketing Plan.

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Top 10 reasons why Email Marketing is the best Marketing Strategy in 2019:

  1. Email usage is high: Almost everyone has an email address, it is like your ID whenever you need to register or signup on any website, you must have email id for that.

    According to a research by Statista (2019), email users will grow to 4.3 billion by 2022, which is a huge scope for any business.

  1. Deliverability is guaranteed: An email has a guaranteed deliverability only if you take services of a reputed Email Service Provider that continually monitors and advances their systems with new technology, they use best practices and ISP relatives to maximize their email campaign consignment rates and to help you maintain an email reputation.

  2. Preferred Communication: Studies show that 73% millennials prefer to receive communication through an email.

  3. Mobile Compatibility: About 35% people who are on the go prefer to read emails on their smartphone and hence your email needs to be compatible with mobiles.

  4. High Sharing ability to generate Leads: You need to think beyond deliverability, open rates and clicks. You need to have a target-based and content rich email which the reader is compelled to forward it to their friends, co-workers and family, since they feel their contacts will benefit from what your business is offering. Viral emails amount to 90% click rate if done properly. A simple “Share it with your contacts on social media” or “Forward it to your friends and family” in call-to-action can spur an avalanche of prospects or leads.

  5. Targeted Subject Line: A subject line must be compelling for a reader to open the email. Hence, it needs to create a need for specific products and services. For example if we want to promote our Bulk mailing platform, we have a higher percentage of customer open rate when the subject line says “Beat your competitors at Bulk Mailing”, rather than just saying “Hire our bulk mailing services”.

  6. Targeted Content: Emails with general products can become boring for readers and hence, targeted email content proves to gauge customer attention. You need to tell why your customers require your products or services and list their benefits to your customers. It is important to point out how they would benefit from bulk emailing best practices.

  7. Generates high ROI: According to a study by Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2018 email marketing statistics show that the $1 you spend on Email Marketing, your ROI (return on Investment) is $32, hence, your return on investment is 3100% more than what you spent.

  8. Personalized Communication: When a customer receives an email from your business with his/her first name, they are more likely be interested in reading the email to the last. You make a 1-1 connection with an email with your customer.

  9. Increase Website Traffic and Sales: Your main aim is to increase traffic to your website and once your customer clicks the link you sent in the email campaign, they are bound to browse through your website to see what you are offering as they trust your business now. This in turn can generate sales and increase profits.

From time to time your business needs to follow the best marketing trends for business growth. In doing so you may be looking to revise or create an Email marketing Strategy 2019 or looking to send million emails a day, for that you need a robust and clever Email marketing campaign which is personalized, SEO complaint subject line and content for high open rates and forwards, high deliverability, customizable templates, Statistics and Analytics to track your ROI, and much more.

Share your email marketing strategy info with the experts so that they can help you generate more sales for you.

Your Email marketing campaign needs to offer a product or service that meets your customer needs and no other business gives it to them and top it up with an excellent customer service or after sales service. That is what a great Bulk Emailing service like Alpha Sandesh can do for your business.

Alpha Sandesh provides customized and scalable Email Marketing Strategy and solution for ever changing business requirements to clients. Whether your business goal is to send million emails a day to prospective customers and grow your contact list with us or want robust dedicated IPs, we have the right solutions and strategies for you.

Alpha Sandesh provides the following top mail services which can be customized as a total package or individual services and scalable according to your business specifications:

  • Email Software: Alpha Sandesh Service is complimented by Alpha Infolab’s in-house Email Software Garuda, an intelligent mailer and all-in-one solution.

  • IP: Provides dedicated IPs

  • SMTP Server: Fast, reliable, secure, professional and dedicated SMTP server for bulk mailing.

So, take a look at the affordable pricing of Alpha Sandesh and see your business grow and expand in the future with our top mail services. You can also share your marketing strategy info. in the comment below. 


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