Teacher’s Day 2021 is celebrated in India on 5th September 2021 and is an important day for teachers and students. It is the day we celebrate to commemorate the birth anniversary of one of India’s prominent educators and First Vice-President of India, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

Additionally, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan also served as the second President of India. He was celebrated in academia and was also known for his philosophy of Neo-Vedanta.

Why do we celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Like Guru Purnima, Teacher’s Day is widely celebrated across India to honour teachers of our country. When Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan became the President of India in 1962, his students wanted to celebrate his birthday on 5th September. Instead, he said that the day must be celebrated as Teacher’s Day across India.

Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan was also the recipient of many honours and awards like the Bharat Ratna, knighthood, honorary member of the British Royal Order of Merit, etc. Moreover, he also started a non-profit organization, Helpage India to help the poor and downtrodden in India.

Teacher's Day 2021
Teacher’s Day 2021

Importance of Teachers Day:

Teacher’s Day 2021 is important in India because it is to remember and honour our teachers every day. Whether it is your first primary teacher or your last university teacher or professor, all contribute towards building your personality and character along the way. Thus, it is one day when we can give back smiles and respect to our teachers.

Therefore, teachers lay a strong foundation for our country’s future generations. With the help of teachers, students stand as strong pillars of India.

How do we celebrate Teacher’s Day?

Students from all over India offer prayers for their teachers on this day. So, it is an important day when we truly understand the impact a good teacher has on a student’s life.

We can celebrate Teacher’s Day in many ways, some of the ways are:

  1. Make a beautiful Teacher’s Day card and write a few beautiful lines on teachers day or write a Teacher’s Day quote for him / her.
  2. You can even take your favourtie teachers gifts which they can remember you by.
  3. If you want, you can spend quality time with your teachers, then you can take them for lunch to their favourite restaurant.
  4. If your teacher is very old or unable to go anywhere, you may want to visit them at their house and give them a gift.
  5. You may even offer to help them in their daily routine on this day, if you wish to.

We at Alpha InfoLab, an IT services and solutions company, celebrate this day to honour our teachers at work. We thank our Managing Director Mr Ajay Goyal and our team leaders, who have helped each and every one of us to learn and grow within the company.

Alpha InfoLab is an information technology company specializing in the development of custom products and solutions. We strive to provide innovative IT services and creative solutions to businesses and help them grow exponentially in their industry.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2021 to all of you and we hope you celebrate this day with your favourite teachers and make it a memorable day.

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