How To Calculate Email Open Rate?

How to calculate email open rate ?

When you design an email campaign, you are looking to make headway by reaching 100% deliverability and a high email open rate. But, it is not that simple. Many trajectories decide if your emails get opened. You can calculate the open rate of email marketing campaigns by dividing the total unique open emails by the total recipients. […]

How To Improve Email Marketing?

How To Improve Email Marketing?

Yes, we know your business uses Email Marketing, but you still have deliverability problems? There are many reasons why your email campaigns do not reach the recipient’s inbox. For example, you have not hired the best bulk email marketing agency services, or you are not using an advanced mailing software or your contact list is obsolete, or […]

How Do You Collect Targeted Audience Email For Email Marketing In Bulk?

Collect a Super Targeted Audience Email For Email Marketing In Bulk?

Emailing relies on genuine email contacts and also to build on new contacts. By using advanced bulk email marketing tools with a strategic plan, you can attract the right audience to your business. With the CAN-SPAM Act in place, businesses can no longer spam to obtain email addresses. But, are there simple ways one can collect targeted audience […]