Congratulations to Alpha InfoLab’s very own Social Media Kings Mr. Nitin Kaul and Mr. Ajay Sharma and Queen Miss. Riya Bajaj who garnered a fair bit of limelight on the following social media sites list, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, practically showing the importance of social media.

They shared a candid picture of themselves in the monsoon challenge event – #paisonkibaarishevent which showed that they are up for any challenge and also had effectively used their personal social media branding to earn more popularity.

These three had used social media marketing strategy efficiently. The Facebook engagement, Instagram connections and LinkedIn networks were well utilized keeping in mind the social media advantages and within a fortnight received lots of likes, comments and views.

Mr. Nitin Kaul, Mr. Ajay Sharma and Miss Riya Bajaj were acknowledged by Alpha InfoLab for their new-found social media limelight on 23rd July 2019 with a gift from Alpha InfoLab.

In the challenge, Miss Riya Bajaj stood 1st and received a trendy Wireless Headphone, Mr. Nitin Kaul was 2nd and received a latest headphone and Mr. Ajay Sharma stood 3rd and received a branded headphone from the company.

Receiving the gifts all three were elated. Most importantly, they shared that they whole-heartedly participated in the challenge with a goal to get maximum number of likes, views and shares on social media platforms.

This shows that they truly enjoyed the attention they received and are very optimist on winning more such challenges in the future which Alpha InfoLab conducts every month with some amazing prizes to win.

Hats off to all three for participating and to Alpha InfoLab for regularly conducting such exciting events and challenges for all its employees.

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