SMS Marketing VS Email Marketing

The debate about the best medium of marketing between SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing has been going on since SMS marketing came into being.

There have been many who compare SMS Marketing and Email Marketing and had predicted that Email Marketing is a passé and SMS marketing will take over. However, evidence shows that Email Marketing has evolved and has augmented artificial intelligence which has transformed the way businesses use email for targeted marketing.

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Analysis by Alpha Sandesh:

We wanted to conduct our own analysis of using SMS and Email Marketing together. First let us tell you what is SMS or text marketing? SMS or Short Message Marketing is where customers are sent updates; promotional messages etc. with prior permission from the customer.

So, our researchers started out with SMS Marketing steadily:

  • We first bought a good SMS marketing service (extra budget was squeezed)

  • We set the service up and created an SMS campaign and included our promotion landing page.

  • We reached out to our customers through Email (we still had to mail them!!!) to make them aware of our new SMS marketing service. We found an effective way to go about doing this, by writing something like this in the email “We at Alpha Sandesh are updating our customer database and it would be great if you could send a reply to this mail with your phone number and also write a bold YES if you would like to receive our latest promotions and updates through our new and convenient SMS Service.”

  • Once we collected a good number of phone database, we started to send our SMS Marketing campaign.

SMS and Email Marketing

Finding and facts about SMS Marketing:

Following were our findings from our small experiment:

  • It helped us to get a 10% more quick buy response from buyers, but not always, why, well we found that we could not use images in it.

  • If we had to use images we then had to buy a MMS (Multimedia Messaging service) which needed more budget

  • SMS is something more private than an email, so even after getting prior permission from the customer, they may eventually not want to receive SMS after a while, hence bringing you back at square one.

  • SMS marketing allows only text that means you cannot add beautiful and attractive images

Facts about Email Marketing which we can vouch for:

  • Email Marketing is budget friendly

  • There is higher return on investment; we ourselves have seen that over a period of 1 year and 2 months, our $1 investment gave us a return of $40, which means we got a 3900% ROI.

  • You can create more structured and targeted emails.

  • With growing number of email users, email marketing is a sure shot to maximizing profits.

  • You need a robust and dedicated SMTP server for bulk mailing like Alpha Sandesh to get more deliverability and comply with CAN SPAM Act (for US)

  • Emails are randomly opened by all generations, especially more by millennials, especially when they are watching TV, while on vacation, while commuting, while in bed, during social engagements etc. (

  • Our own study found that around 67% millennials prefer getting promotional emails with offers and discounts.

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Is text marketing effective over email marketing?

SMS vs. Email Open Rates stats show that SMS is as good as email, but that doesn’t mean email is not effective. Monthly usage of emails is done by 90% of respondents in the US according to a study in 2019 by Statista.

Hence, the verdict is out, emails are definitely here to stay along with SMS Marketing, your campaigns are sure to see positive results when you know how to balance both, however, if you have budget constraints, SMS marketing may seem expensive whereas, email marketing is definitely your best bet.

Still wondering where to start with Email marketing? Alpha Sandesh will help you with a comprehensive and customizable solution that measures with your infrastructure and budget seamlessly. Speak to our experts or fill our easy form now.


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