Six benefits of choosing Cloud Hosting

When we hear of Cloud Hosting, we instantly think about personal file hosting, yet your website too can find a place in cloud. There are many benefits of hosting your website on cloud for a lot less than other hosting options. 

Cloud Hosting

VPS Hosting includes many hosting services and cloud hosting is a component that came out of Cloud computing. Cloud computing is a revolutionary product that was introduced in the 1960’s by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider when he worked for ARPANET.  Cloud is a metaphor for the internet which means all your business data and website are hosted on a cloud or internet-based server where computing process is shared by other websites. 

 The hosting has in fact helped the web hosting business by providing a cost-effective alternate to dedicated server. It has many benefits over other hosting options. 

The following are the benefits of cloud hosting

  • Website Performance:

It provides better website performance without delays, especially if your website cannot afford slow page loads. 


  • Scalability:

Cloud scalability is definitely a thumbs up if your websites require to scale up along the way. Cloud gives you the flexibility to power up or power down your website depending on the traffic you receive. 


  • Huge Disk Space:

Cloud enjoys a big disk space much like a dedicated server and provide a better performing website, unlimited bandwidth etc. 


  • Increased Data Security:

Cloud complies with regulations and provides highest data security and support that protects your website and visitors against DDoS attacks, hackings, malware, etc. 


  • High-speed website:

Your website sees high speed and zero downtime that makes sure your visitors always enjoy the best website performance. 


  • Reduced Operating Costs:

It is a cost-effective and affordable option when compared to dedicated server and Virtual Private Server

According to statistics, cloud hosting is very popular and nearly 94% business websites are already on cloud and more than 83% business workloads could adopt cloud by the end of 2020. When we look across industries, the banking industry as it could lower transaction costs and can integrate with flexible payment solutions. E-commerce or retail businesses also benefit from cloud by transferring their saving with cloud to their customers with lower prices. When we look from a broader industry perspective, cloud serves better chance over other hosting options.

A reputed VPS hosting provider will make sure that your requirements are understood thoroughly and then are presented with a flexible and customized solution that is fully managed and that can initiate your website and computing programs to be easily migrated and integrated into your existing infrastructure. 

Migration to cloud is simple and easy if done by reputed Hosting providers. The Hosting brings a new breath of life to your website and cuts your costs. It is vital to understand that you choose the right Cloud Hosting partner so that your website gets the love and attention it needs.

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