Setup your own smtp server to send unlimited emails per second

As a business you want to be able to take full advantage of sending Bulk mail but the current SMTP server you use is not up to the mark, probably it is free SMTP service, hence could have limited features. 


SMTP Server

For such limitations it is important that you must setup your own SMTP server to send unlimited emails per second. This gives you the scope to reach out to your recipients with your email campaigns on time. So, let’s look deeper into a SMTP server and the features you would want in your  server.  


Firstly, SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is what you need if you need to send out lots of emails to others. Ok so a good example of it is Google or Yahoo etc. The thing about Google for example is that their SMTP allows only 500 emails to be sent out at one time, and is not your ideal business server if you are looking to send out say 1000 or 10,000 emails at one time, so you will have to look for an alternative option. 


Going with a reputed bulk email sending service like Alpha Sandesh offers an all-in-one bulk email solutions for businesses:

  • Dedicated SMTP Server: 

When you use a dedicated SMTP server, you also get SSD Server for high-performance of the server and applications, while consuming very less power. The best plan for dedicated server for your business will be where you have your own server to give you the freedom to send unlimited emails. 
  • Dedicated IP:

A dedicated IP is great for your business as you will no longer share your IP, meaning the email sending activity and its reputation is solely yours. 
  • Bulk email software:

The bulk email software lets you to have the privacy and complete control of your email campaigns and also on all the outgoing emails. The software will also let you integrate with applications like Google Analytics and Google Calendar for instant reporting and statistics. Your email deliverability will be better and you will be able to tweak the number of emails you want to send, utilize all the email marketing tools, stop worrying about bounce rates, instead focus on conversions.

The best part about Alpha Sandesh is that every component of Email Sending service is in-house, from the SMTP server to a dedicated IP and to the bulk email software. So, it does not reply on any third-party services, that means your business will have the best services and products at your fingertips with 24/7 Customer and Technical Support. Our technical expertise will take care of everything from providing your business with the best solution to setting up your own SMTP server to be fully managed by you. 


So, when shopping for the best SMTP server services for email marketing, you do not have to look further than Alpha Sandesh. It offers the best dedicated smtp server services in the US and prides to have served clients from over 70 countries. 

Speak to Alpha Sandesh representatives for more information on the best SMTP server solution that is ideal for your growing business needs.

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