For a business to keep in touch with existing customers is easy, but reaching out to potential customers through an Email Marketing Plan is also important. An Email Marketer’s task becomes even more difficult if they are unable to revive new sales opportunities. 

Hence, an Email Marketer must find new and innovative ways of reaching out to potential customers through Email Campaign Marketing.

Email Marketing has evolved tremendously and knowing your customers has become an essential part of it. Email marketing is dependent on a robust SMTP server; this is where Alpha Sandesh, Best Bulk Email Service Provider comes in. Alpha Sandesh is an integration of Email Marketing and SMTP server. 

Email Marketing and SMTP Integration

Following are the ways one can create and revive new sales opportunities:

  • Referral Marketing: This is a very powerful way of creating new email contacts that may lead to potential sales. In every email you create, do add a note for your recipients to refer your business to their connections, friends, and family to avail of a discount or earn points or rewards, etc. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing is another popular way to persuade social media followers and page visitors to register with their email addresses, this way you get their email addresses. 
  • Digital Advertising: For Digital Advertising you may have to shed a few dollars since you can use various digital marketing channels to advertise about your service and ask visitors to register with you with their email address. 
  • Cart abandonment emails: Many E-commerce websites face the cart abandonment problem which can be solved by sending an immediate email to the person who visited your website but left without buying anything. Here you are initiating an interaction with the person.
  • Send Cold Emails: Alpha Sandesh’s best cold Email Marketing Services help businesses to create cols emails using in-built email templates and subject rotation. 

Personalized Bulk emails sent to new recipients helps a business initiate an excellent start to introduce your services and products. Follow-up emails must be customized and sent based on customer interests online. 

With Alpha Sandesh, you can completely do Contact List Management, segment them and accordingly create intuitive marketing campaigns to target the various segments and interact with them. Here Free Email Marketing Autoresponder of Alpha Sandesh is a unique feature that automatically sends follow up emails based on triggers like Welcome Mails, Birthday or Anniversary Emails and more. 

Alpha Sandesh provides the best SMTP Server Services for Email Marketing to enable your business to send guaranteed deliverability of emails. Also adhering to Can-Spam Act you can send spam-proof emails. 

There is so much one can do with Alpha Sandesh, staying in touch with existing customers as well as to revive new sales opportunities. Connect with our Email marketing experts and see how Alpha Sandesh, with its best non-opt-in Email Marketing Services, can transform the way you do business and win more leads.



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