The GBS Group and Alpha InfoLab wish everyone an auspicious Nag Panchami 2021. Nag Panchami is a holy day for many Hindus who traditionally worship the Nag or snake on this day. This day is celebrated all over India and Nepal.

Happy Nag Panchami 2021-Alpha Infolab Wishes

Nag Panchami Festival Information:

Nag Panchami day falls on the fifth day of half lunar during the Shravana month (rainy season). On this day, believers throng to temples where snake deities worshipped. Many people also bathe snake deities made of silver or stone or wood with milk and ask for blessings and protection for their families.

In some places in India, people also conduct Nag Panchami puja of live snakes like cobras, obviously the snake charmer helps the people in this process.

On this day, people observe fast and feed the Brahmins. In many places people do not dig the ground as they believe it could harm the snakes, people do not make tava or pan rotis, as the pan resembles a coiled snake.

A story behind why do we celebrate this Festival?

There are many folklores surrounding Nag Panchami, even the Puranas and Mahabharata have detailed history about worshipping snakes. One such prominent story from the Mahabharata epic is about the snake king Takshaka.

According to the epic, Janamejaya, the son of King Parikshita of the Kuru dynasty was performing Sarpa Satra, a snake sacrifice to avenge the death of his father from a snake bite. The king was bitten by the snake king Takshaka. For this, a sacrificial pit or fireplace made by Brahmin sages to kill all the snakes in the world. The yagna or puja was very powerful and was drawing all the snakes into the pit. King Takshaka has fled to Indra for his protection. When the sages came to know that the snake has fled, they intensified their puja to draw Takshaka into the pit. Takshaka coiled himself around Indra’s cot, yet, the yagna’s force dragged Takshaka and Indra into the fire pit.

The sages scared seeing Indra also in the pit, so they requested Manasadevi (Goddess) to resolve the crisis. She asked her son Astika to appeal to Janamejaya to stop the yagna. After Astika convinced and impressed Janamejaya with his scriptural knowledge of the Satras, the yagna finally stopped. So, Indra and Takshaka’s life spared along with the entire serpent race. On the Nadivardhini Panchami of the Hindu Calendar, Nag Panchami festival is celebrated to spare the lives of Nagas or Serpents.


So, how are you going to celebrate Nag Panchami 2021? We at Alpha InfoLab would like to extend our best wishes all everyone on this day.

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