Mothers are an epitome of love and sacrifice. Everyone loves their mothers very much and what best way to show that love with a Mother’s Day celebration only for her. Everyone has a different way to express their love for their mother and why not, she deserves every bit of attention and love herself.

Why we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a special day dedicated for all mothers around the world. It is the perfect way to show that you love, honour and respect her sacrifices for you and your family. It is also to strengthen the bond between you and your mother. Your mother will truly appreciate what you have in stored for her this special day.

Mothers Day 2021- Celebration of Motherhood and Mothers Contribution

So, what special are you doing this Mother’s Day for your mother?

Still looking for ideas? Then we have the perfect things for Mother’s Day to give her a pleasant surprise.

Mothering Sunday Meaning:

Mothering Sunday is the same as Mother’s Day but originates from the UK and Ireland since the 16th century. It was originally celebrated to honour Virgin Mary or Mother Mary. When Christianity spread across Europe in the 16th Century, Mothering Sunday also became popular and it slowly changed to celebrate and show love to mothers in general.

During the Second World War, the American and Canadian soldiers missed their mothers when they were on the battlefield. To send their love across to their mothers, they celebrated Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day was being now celebrated in the second week of May after a lady named Anna Jarvis from West Viginia honoured her mother and started this tradition since 1908. She also wanted it to be a holiday across US, and after a lot of persuasion President Woodrow Wilson declared it be a holiday in the US in 1914 on May 12th. However, International Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March.

How can we celebrate it at home during COVID-19?

After the COVID-19 pandemic struck all around the world, it has been difficult to go out and celebrate important occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. Yet, thanks to Online Shopping, it is easy to send across lovely gifts to your beautiful mother.

We have some fabulous Mother’s Day ideas to celebrate at home:

  1. Do not let her step into the kitchen, make her favourite dishes in breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. With free time on her hand, give her a treat to watch her favourite series or movies on cable or Netflix or Amazon.
  3. Plan ahead and buy her beautiful flowers – roses, lilies, anthuriums, whatever she fancies.
  4. Buying her personalised gifts is also a great option, maybe a cup with a picture of your family.
  5. A silk saree or a Punjabi suit or pearls jewellery are also great gifting options.
  6. Doing chores around the house will also make her day, cleaning the house, washing utensils, etc.
  7. Another awesome way to show your love is to give her a good foot or shoulder massage, she will feel relaxed after the experience.
  8. Gift her a book if she is a book lover.
  9. If she loves gardening, gift her an exotic flowering plant or gardening tools.
  10. You can also gift her skincare and haircare products so that she can be pampered.

Whatever you choose to gift your mother or help her around the house, the thought of showing your love to her and that you care means a lot. So, go all the way!!

Alpha InfoLab, a Global IT Professional and top IT managed services company, wishes all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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