Ad Tech New Delhi 2013

As enthusiasm builds for the third Indian version of the world’s number one digital marketing event, ad tech New Delhi 2013, the event assures to put forward plenty of networking opportunities fixed with new insights and innovative learning for qualified and beginner digital professionals equally. Alpha Info lab is one of the advisers going to take part in event and pleased to provide you update about the event.



Ad-tech New Delhi reaches at the full network of marketing and technology that drives business ahead and transforms the role of digital marketers all over the place. That is why ad: tech convention features thought-leading spokespersons and beginning sessions covering today’s crucial topics like incorporated video scheduling, congregation Of social, search and content marketing, mobile, big data and more. All Women Keynote Address will be the best part for this year’s event.

Mr. Rammohan Sundaram (event chairman of ad-tech New Delhi 2013), says: “Brand management has never been more susceptible – digital empowers start-ups to develop and turn out to be overnight stars and to contend with global biggies at a blink. The dispute today is to find the true consumer and build the right offer at the right time throughout the right channel, and you are a champion if you can do that efficiently, no issue whether you are big or small organization. With digital being the focus of the entire network, quick improvement means you need to keep discovering continuously to stay relevant.”

The ad: tech exhibition is one of the most desirable places to make your existence felt with the most influential brand advertisers and other leading professionals of the digital marketing industry. In the previous two editions publishers and brands have used this stage to start their new services and also to increase their existing clientele. There is also a start-up region particularly for the most recent business on the block and it would be a sure shot way to a colorful celebration of success.

We Alpha Info Lab, one of the supreme high volumes Email service provider with 24×7 technological supports is a proud exhibitor at Ad: tech New Delhi. Ad: tech has been a key catalyst in carrying digital change into the majority corporate boardrooms and we are pleased to be partnering with them in the third consecutive year to intensify India’s involvement in digital marketing arena. For more information please visit:


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