Many WordPress sites hacked, Is your site safe?

Website hacking is a cyber-crime that has become very common these days and many businesses fall prey to this crime. It is very common to see hackers targeting websites that are hosted on WordPress (WordPress Hacked). They exploit the popular yet vulnerable WordPress plugins.



Hackers usually use bots to infiltrate the security flaw of websites and software, hence it is of utmost importance that you secure your online business. If your website has been hacked once it is very important that you start looking for a good Linux web hosting server and SSL certificate also provides authentication (WordPress Hacked).





Hosting your website on a robust and secure server is the answer to safeguard your business website from malware and hacks (WordPress Hacked). There are many cheap Linux server hosting options which can be very confusing and sometimes you do not get the required security and features for the money you pay. Hence, you need to buy server hosting from the best unlimited hosting services provider.




So, the following features of a robust server will prevent your website from being hacked:


  1. SSH or Secure Shell in the server makes sure that all your data is encrypted when shared over the internet from your business computers to the business websites.

  2. Encrypted and strong passwords will help your employees and customers to log in to your website safely and securely. Having 2-factor authentication also helps is a secure connection.

  3. FTPS or File transfer Protocol secure makes sure that any file transfers that happen form your server or to your server are secure.

  4. SSL or Secured Socket Layer will make sure that important data that are transferred between two servers are secure. So, whenever you browse on a website make sure the website is HTTPS (where S stands for SSL Certificate). Any website with the only HTTP is not secure anymore and you must not browse through such websites. But just having a free SSL certificate does not secure your website totally, hence a paid SSL certificate will keep your website secure.

Also, read on how to keep your safe with SSL Certificate?

  1. A server that is always monitored and managed by Network administrators are safer than those that are unmanaged. A network administrator will also help in the necessary security fix.

  2. A dedicated server also keeps your website safe, since you can fully manage it and also do not share your website with anyone else.


A good yet cheap website hosting server services will also offer a server backup service. KVM or Kernel Virtual Machine hosting is one of the best for efficient management along with secure data encryption. A robust server protects you from security bypass and any hidden vulnerability. 


Know more about efficient and safe online Linux hosting services now and save your website from future hacks.


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