Imagine going through hoards of emails on a Monday morning or any morning for that matter, would you care to go through each and every email? May be you will if you want to pretend to be doing something really important to your boss and colleagues!!!! or maybe you will just skim through the ton of email marketing mails and only open the ones you trust or that have a catchy subject line.

If you open 3 emails out of 6, that means Email Marketing is very much alive and kicking, why? Because, no matter how many emails a recipient receives, they will not ignore an email, they will definitely read an email if it has an attractive subject line or something which catches their interest.


Why some emails do not convert to leads?

  • Emails that are sent without any planning or without an Email marketing strategy or Email Campaign.

  • Emails that are not really targeted towards the Email Marketing target audience will not convert leads.

  • Emails that are sent to non-opt-in recipients, this is considered as spamming, so avoid doing this. Only send emails to those who have done double opt-in confirmation to receive emails from you.

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  • Emails that are not personalized, using the first name of your recipient in the subject line will prompt them to open the email, don’t you feel happy that someone on the other side of the email addresses an email with your first name? So, why not personalise emails that you send out to your recipients, click here to know how personalization of emails help you convert.

  • Emails without the FROM name, using the name of a person with some authority in your company will help you build a level of trust with the recipient.

  • The subject line that is not appealing to the recipient, use a language that is relevant to the recipient culturally. For example, if you are a Cycle retailer and are targeting mountain bikers, then using a tone that will appeal to their interest will surely help you gauge their attention, like “Take XXXX, an advanced multi-gear mountain bike on your next mountain hike”

How to make sure your email gets opened and converted?

There are quite few email marketing tips which you need to use to make sure your email gets opened, and some of them are:

  • Always conduct a split test of your emails yourself, send an email to yourself, see if you would open it, that is where you can make changes to the email and prepare a final email campaign, this process will minimize future errors and makes sure your email is opened.

  • Keep your subject line short and sweet, for example “Top-up your savings in just a few clicks”.

  • Have a subject line which gives back some value to the recipient, for example “Avail 20% discount if you shop with us today”.

  • Basically, when you offer value to a reader or offer something which they can do quickly without wasting time, is more desirable to them and will surely increase your email open rate.

  • Having an offer or discount deadline too included in your subject line motivates readers to buy your product or service sooner.

  • Once your emails are opened, make sure you design the email with attractive images and must have relevant content like the subject line, otherwise it will not evoke any further action from the recipient.

  • The email must be structured in a flow, meaning once the recipient opens and reads your email, they must be directed to take the next action, like go to your website landing page with the offer or information or action to be taken by them like buying your product or service. If you fail to add the Action Words or Icons, then all your efforts to strategize an email campaign will be in vain.

  • Using an advanced Email marketing software will help you nail a successful email campaign that will convert leads and give you higher ROI. As per a study, when you invest $1 into email marketing, your ROI is $40, which means you can get 4000% profits. 

Hence, too much mail if sent to the wrong audience and to those who have not opted-in to receive your email will not be fruitful. Rather, when rightly targeted emails are sent even too many emails will not bother your recipients as long as they are benefiting from what you want to offer.

When you are not sure where to start with Email Marketing, it is advisable to hire a reputed SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Service that will make sure you reach your marketing goals in no time and also convert targeted leads the right way with affordable Email marketing solutions.


  1. Sending too much email will mark you as spam into email box, so it is bad practice to send continuous emails. There should be ideal email flow for every email.

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