Is IPv6 Hosting better than IPv4 Hosting?

You must have heard or read a lot about IPv4 running out and IPv6 hosting adoption, but may not know their importance and the impact they have in our day to day activities.

First let us talk a little about IPv4, the 4th version of IP addresses. Currently, there are very few addresses left with RIRs (Regional Internet Registries). However, IPv4s are still available in the open marketplace through official and registered IP brokers.

IPv6 hosting service provider

What is IPv6?

Due to the explosion of the internet, IPv4 addresses which were just over 4 million was nearing exhaustion. And hence IPv6 was introduced, the 6th version of IP addresses with unlimited addresses.

Why is IPv6 important? How will it affect me?

Wherever the internet is used, IPv4 and IPv6 will exist. When you do an IPv6 vs IPv4 analysis, you will know that it is high time businesses do the transition to IPv6 to stay up-to-date. And so that all devices can connect and communicate with each other without delays and interruptions.

Since, in the coming years almost all ISPs, devices – mobiles, desktops, internet of things, etc. will be completely adopting IPv6. And in some years you will only see IPv6 websites.

The main point to be noted here is that currently, a device on IPv6 cannot communicate with an IPv4 device. Hence, adopting IPv6 is crucial and a necessity. If you want to communicate with already IPv6 shifted customers and grow your business in the future, switch from IPv4 to IPv6 today.

Dual stack, tunneling, and translation are transition technologies that are available. But they are complicated and require more expensive software and hardware upgrades for an enterprise and ISPs. Hence, IPv6 adoption by companies of all sizes is paramount and is essential for future-generation device connectivity.

How do I change from IPv4 to IPv6?

Now that you know that the future of internet networking is dependent on transitioning to IPv6. It is time you join other companies to take part in this transition exercise. The best way to go ahead with this is to first get your website checked for IPv6 compatibility test (fill the Contact form to proceed). You will see a better performing website, higher website ranking on search engines and low-maintenance IPs.

So, what happens with your IPv4s?

Once you have completed hosting your website on Linux IPv6 servers, your IPv4s can be converted into revenue by selling your IPv4s them on a trusted IP marketplace through a reputed IP Broker.

What are the features of IPv6?

  • Unlimited IPs or approximately 340 undecillion IP addresses to help in future internet innovations
  • Automated stateless IP configuration and address management
  • Automatic creation of unique IPv6 address
  • No need for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server
  • Automatic renumbering of IPs
  • Allocation of /48 subnet prefix length

Why choose AlphaVBox for IPv6 hosting?

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