IP Deployment And Server Monitoring Service

As companies grow, their online presence grows too and their website usually sees a lot of traffic and they need someone for the management of their network and server efficiently to keep up with the huge amount of information flow. In order to have uninterrupted server accessibility companies need a robust server monitoring system.

Whether your company uses Microsoft or Linux distributions, applying server monitoring best practices will make sure your servers are secure.

However, deploying IP network, server management, and monitoring is better left to experts who know the nuances of servers.

server monitoring service

          IP Deployment Services By Alpha VBox

Alpha VBox Services Include

  • Suggestion and implementation of IP network solutions

  • Easy deployment of unlimited valid IPs to host computers according to company requirement

  • Setup multiple IP addresses or private IP address or Public IP address for a new network or existing infrastructure

  • Specific or wide configuration of IPs

  • IP network security

  • IP optimization or upgrade according to new technological changes like the adoption of IoT, increase in usage of mobile devices, etc.

  • Constant IP connectivity, communication, and accessibility

  • Address network related issues

  • Troubleshooting IP – complex problems, speed test, etc.

  • IP and sub-net management

  • Dedicated IP expert to manage your business IPs

What is Server Monitoring?
Server Monitoring is where the server provider or server administrator reviews and analyzes a server in order for it to be easily accessible, have a smooth working, impeccable performance, safety etc.

How can Server Monitoring help a business?
Taking Server Monitoring Service is the best option for the smooth running of the business at the back-end. The service makes sure your server is managed properly, have a heads-up on any future server issues or take remedial steps by using various server monitoring tools to restore any past or current server problems that may affect the running of the business.

It is the responsibility of a server administrator to understand how the networks work and accordingly optimize and perform Server Administration on multiple servers.

     Server Management Services By Alpha VBox

Server Monitoring essentially involves Alpha VBox’s server administrator to thoroughly manage 24/7

1. Server Uptime Monitoring:
This type of monitoring allows our server administrator to check if your website server is always available, get alerts, check on errors, the configuration of the server and perform troubleshooting, etc.

2. Server Performance Monitoring:
This monitoring makes sure the server and applications are performing well, along with attention to the use of resources, downtime of applications, response time, network complexities, etc.

Server management by company’s server administrator

When your company’s server administrator manages your server and network, Alpha VBox provides complete and easy accessibility for secure server management. Your business gets unrestricted access to the server, view reports, etc.

Benefits of using Alpha VBox’s service

  • Create a healthy server environment
  • Server Security
  • Server Remedial process
  • Server restoration during any server trouble
  • Server optimization to accelerate performance
  • Server diagnostics
  • Server backup and recovery
  • Server Escalation and problem-solving
  • Monitoring hardware
  • Traffic surge management
  • Manage against installations of unauthorized software
  • Dedicated Server expert
  • Reduce overhead costs of hiring an expensive server or network administrator
  • Saves you money from buying expensive Server Monitoring Software

Apart from IP and server management services, especially Linux Server Monitoring, Alpha VBox provides many more business services not listed here; speak to our experts for a comprehensive solution that fits your business and requirements.


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