Improve Your Business Sales With Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing is where you send emails to recipients who have not received an email from you since they have not yet subscribed to get emails from you. 

Cold Email Marketing

Now let us take a look at the Cold email marketing rule book to make sure you are doing things the right way:

  1. List building: Build your email list you may have come across from your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social channel. Make sure the list is relevant and targeted. 
  2. Great Email Writing: Cold emails are not welcome by many, but when you come across a good one you are bound to open and read it. Before sending cold emails make sure you prepare a good template and conduct an A/B test for the emails to make sure there is high deliverability of your emails. So, learn how to write a great email where you do not sound salesy, but rather helpful in the information you are sharing about your products and services. 
  3. Avoid Spam words: It is vital that your email does not have any spam words, neither in the subject nor in the body of the email. 
  4. Keep it short: Make sure your email is short, no long essays please. Keep it to the point and politely end the email with your signature. 
  5. Include a signature: To give your email a professional and authentic stamp, make sure you include your own name or email signature. This gives authenticity to your email and the recipient knows that an actual person mailed them rather than a computer application or program. However, you can use the best cold email marketing services and best email marketing software of Alpha Sandesh that ensures cold and non-opt in email marketing is successful with minimal bounce rate. 
  6. Keep an eye: Make sure you keep an eye on the cold emails sent. In case you received a reply but landed in the spam folder, so make sure you check all the folders. Track and monitor your cold emails. 
  7. Reminder mail: Many times, it is possible that your email was read but maybe they did not pay much attention to it. In that case you could send friendly reminder mail giving a gist about your first mail and that you wanted to hear from them soon about what they think about your proposal. 
  8. Email leads: When you do get a reply back, consider this email as a lead and treat it like one. Keep the communication alive and going. Advance from sending emails to skype chats or phone conversations. The main point here is to convert this lead. 
  9. Ask them to subscribe: When the recipient replies it means they are interested to receive your emails, so grab this opportunity to ask them to subscribe for your emails and do the double opt-in confirmation procedure.

It is vital to use all available resources and advanced tools that come with Alpha Sandesh to increase sales leads with Cold Email Marketing. Connect with our Email Marketing Executive for a cutomized cold opt-in email marketing solution. 




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