Importance of Digital Marketing in Today’s Scenario

Digital Marketing has seen a sudden boom as businesses and companies are relying more on promoting their products and services online. But why are businesses giving so much importance to Digital Marketing? To answer this question we have to look at the current digital scenario, the Global internet users have seen a whopping jump from 30% users worldwide in 2010 to an estimated 48% in 2017 according to the International Telecommunications Union. Since the report is not current we can predict that the world internet users may have surpassed 50% in 2019.

Digital Marketing Overview:

Digital Marketing is a wide field and involves a lot of mediums. The birth of Digital marketing is closely related to the development of technology. When the internet was being commercially used, large businesses and companies saw a need to utilize this latest technology to promote their products and services. When they saw excellent results trickling in and realized the huge scope of digital marketing, many other businesses followed using Digital Media for marketing and this trend quickly caught up globally.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, the use of various digital mediums by Digital Marketers and businesses to market their products and services online to attract prospective customers, increase sales and improve profits is called Digital Marketing.

Types of Digital Marketing:

The following are the different types of Digital Marketing:

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)

  • SMS Marketing

  • MMS Marketing

  • Online Branding

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Digital Content Marketing

Now that we know the meaning, types, and facts of digital marketing, it is understandable to note the marketing trends in 2019 is highly dependent on using all the different types of Digital Marketing avenues to gain a desirable result.

Digital Marketing plays an important role in:

  • Creating brand awareness

  • Reaching a wide customer base

  • Keep in touch with existing customers

  • Converting to sales leads

  • Increase online and offline sales

  • Improve return on investment

  • Save lots of money and is cost-effective

In order to accomplish all of the above, it is vital that you follow the best marketing strategies like:

  • Create an effective digital marketing campaign for email marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

  • Have a good social presence where people like, comment and share what you post

  • Build authority in your industry for creating engaging and shareable content so that others link to your website and you are visible on SERP

  • Build links or link juices in a constructive and ethical manner

  • Hire services of social media marketing companies and save on time so that you can concentrate on the day-to-day business activities.

  • Efficient search engine optimization usage on the website pages so that your site and pages rank high on SERP

  • Take up Digital Marketing training to learn the basics and the latest trends.

Digital Marketing in India:

Indian companies and businesses have very quickly adopted Digital Marketing in their business activities and using this technique of promotion, helps businesses in foster growth and expansion of the business. With globalization, cheap internet availability, worldwide and quality work deliverability by businesses, companies, and consumers in India have been very open to new digital trends. But in order to monetarize Digital marketing, it is very important to take online marketing services. Read more about Digital Marketing in India.

Industries all over the world have grown tremendously, with information flowing as fast as light and consumers tuning into a new product or service almost every day. This fast-paced exchange of ideas and information, 2019 need of Digital Marketing has been overwhelming.

Digital marketing business:

Digital Marketing has also given rise to many companies who have been providing their services in the Digital marketing domain. However, it is paramount to hire the best marketing companies without compromising on quality.

Digital marketing companies have a working advent that promotes businesses. They take full responsibility of making businesses digital savvy, following are some tasks that Digital marketing Companies undertake:

  • They can design websites from scratch

  • They can do App development

  • Optimize website pages and content by carefully following strategies and campaigns that help them appear on digital maps

  • They update business or company news so that customers have brand name fresh in their mind

  • Create and distribute unique content through digital avenues

  • Monitor, analyze and report digital marketing strategies and tweak them when needed

Apart from the above Digital Marketing companies have been flexible in offering many services depending on their client’s demands and requirements. The best digital marketing services companies, like Alpha Infolab, are the ones which have been instrumental in taking businesses to higher ground and always provided the best services to their clients.

As a business, you can also opt to do most of the Digital marketing tasks in-house by learning about Digital Marketing from a reputed Digital Marketing Institute.

Know more about Digital marketing and how it can help your business scale up, get in touch with Digital marketing experts at Alpha Infolab now.


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