Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safety: Stay safe from the corona virus.

  • Greet with a namaste!Do not handshake and hug
  • Build Your immunity and Mental Health
  • Frequently clean your hands with water and soap
  • Use hand sanitizer when you are on the go
  • Wear a face mask for your safety
  • Avoid meat and eggs

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We have some products to safe from virus like; face mask,  sanitizer and medicine.

Here is the AYURVEDIC solution!
Alpha-21 – Protection from cough, cold and flu
Alpha-11 – Having difficulty in breathing, then Alpha 11 will be helpful.
Alpha Face Guard – Protection from viruses and infections
Alpha GK (Hand Sanitizer) – Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial and Anti-viral.

Alpha Arogya is partner of Alpha Infolab.


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