How To Increase E-Commerce Sales Using E-Mails

E-commerce businesses who can reach out to thousands or millions of contacts at once are successful since an e-commerce business lets them accumulate lists and they hire the best dedicated SMTP server services.

Simplify sending emails to large contact lists faster and generate sales via Emails by effectively creating various email campaigns utilizing the below tips:

mail increases ecommerece revenue

  • Upgrade to a smart login facility: Sometimes, customers who may have bought products from your e-commerce site synched in with an emails, but sometimes they may or may not remember their login details, this is where your smartness can work wonders. Make sure you have a really smart website and smart email marketing service provider which can remember and track IP addresses of customers who bought earlier, or have visited your site but did not subscribe for your email service and give access to their account with a few security steps.

  • Segment your contact-lists: Segmenting your contact lists will make your work easier, with Alpha Sandesh you can segment your list of contacts.

  • Create series of emails: A series of emails created for various situations or behaviours of customers, need to be put into place. This will help you to simply use them whenever you want to.

  • Create, automate trigger emails based on customer behaviour: Trigger emails are essential for Email Marketing for Ecommerce Website, use built-in templates to create and automate trigger emails. For example an email to a previous customer who left without buying anything on the site, the trigger email can include the list of items he or she showed interest in and throw in a few more items of interest. 1-2 trigger and follow-up emails can also be created for customers who abandoned their shopping cart, sending them a reminder email to complete their shopping is a great way to persuade buying and can also add in a discount if they buy it the same day.

  • Subject-line Rotation: Rotating subject lines in your emails keeps your subject fresh and help to increase click-open rates.

  • Auto-Responder: Auto-responder lets you instantly get in touch with your customers with an informational email that is personalized as well meant for all your customers instead of just a few. For example, your series of welcome emails or promotional content must include the best content you have ever written, so as to convince your reader to take a specified action.

  • Emails to up-sell or cross-sell: Emails that can up-sell or cross-sell your products is one of the most lucrative ways to convert. For example, recently Amazon reached out with an email upselling top deals and latest launches, exclusive new products only for Prime members and cross-sell products like electronics, home and kitchen etc., just because I browsed for Amazon Prime deals on the Amazon App. The email was structured well with attractive images compelling me to buy a product. Hence, the best Bulk Email Marketing Company like Alpha Sandesh can help you create innovative emails, using beautiful images and increase sales from Email Marketing.

  • Send personalized cold emails: There may be times that a customer may have recommended a friend and provided their email address to you. Sending them an email is deemed as a cold email. Personalizing such an email will increase chances that the receipt may open the email. The key to sending a cold email is to not sound promotional, you are just introducing your product and business to them, so be subtle, however mention the frequently bought products or services and give them the option to subscribe to receive emails. If you are successful, then you have won half the battle. Checkout how you can send cold emails using Alpha Sandesh’s best cold email marketing services.

  • Emails with promotions or offers: These are essential to keep your customers interested in your business. Sending them exclusive promotions or offers will make sure your customers do not leave your brand. Giving them special discounts or price reductions for limited time period will not only motivate your customers to buy the product then but also builds trust in your business.

  • Loyalty emails: Sending some niche customers emails to join your business loyalty program will very likely help you build a strategical and trusting relationship with your customers. According to a study 83% people buy from companies whose loyalty program they have joined. Hire the best Bulk Email Marketing Agency who can really boost your e-commerce business by helping you create beautiful loyalty emails.

  • Responsive emails: According to a study by, with the growing number of people who read emails on their mobiles has made it essential for businesses to make sure their email campaigns look the same on any device, creating responsive emails to be viewed on smartphones, desktops, laptops or tablets must be same.

  • Include Call-to-action: Including call to action must be effective yet in a subtle manner, encouraging your reader to go to your website by clicking that action button.

  • Double opt-in: Alpha Sandesh has this unique feature of double opt-in making sure your customers do not go anywhere else and you are sure that they want to receive your emails in future.

  • Test all your campaigns: Testing email campaigns for spam keywords, and choosing the best set of campaigns that will help you convert is a wise decision to make. With Alpha Sandesh you can also check the score of all your campaigns and pick out the ones with the highest score.

Now that you know how to grow E-commerce sales, upgrade to Alpha Sandesh, the best bulk Email Service Provider and get unbeatable and extraordinary services and solutions that are reliable, flexible and customizable with 24/7 customer support to take your e-commerce business to a new and higher level of profits.


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